AuthorJody Keith

Jody Keith, leader of The Goon Squad has been a competitive Magic grinder on the SCG Tour and Grand Prix circuit for over a decade, including wins at SCG Atlanta and Grand Prix Memphis. A lover of fringe strategies, this New Orleans native is usually found battling on Twitch trying to win games he has no business winning.

Rakdos Midrange Is Legit: GP Memphis *1st*

One of the most colorful characters in Louisiana Magic just took home his first Grand Prix trophy! Jody Keith shares what makes Rakdos Midrange tick in Standard and his sideboarding guide!

All Things Lands: The Legacy Of The Bayou Boys

He’s a ringer’s ringer, and he knows how to maneuver the famed Legacy Lands archetype inside and out! For those looking to learn one of the most fun and unusual archetypes in Magic’s history, you couldn’t ask for a better teacher than Jody Keith! Good luck at SCG Atlanta!