AuthorJeremy Edwards


The Day The Magic Died

A long, long time ago…

I can still remember how that Magic used to make me smile

And I knew if I had my chance

I could write amusing rants

And maybe we’d be happy for a while.

An Open Letter To Wizards Of The Coast

The fact that this change comes now, in the wake of what may have been the best Extended season ever, is shocking. I have never seen a format lend itself so well to innovation as this past year’s Extended. So why the hell did you change it?

King of the Compost Heap: New Black Control

Shortly after the prerelease, I did what most players probably did- I went home and built some black decks. A few were decent…. But most were pretty lousy. Annoyed, I tossed my Black creations in the dreaded”work-in-progress” box and spent my time testing other colors and color-combinations. Then work in my college classes kicked into…

Much “Gro”wning in Seattle: Enchantress Charges Into Action!

Maybe it was the amusing deck name, conjuring images of carefree children submerging spongelike dinosaurs in water to watch them grow. Maybe someone put the fear of into them. Or maybe it was just the perplexing shifting of the Extended metagame. One thing was for certain: Miracle Gro had reached Seattle. Although I did not…

Swinging Atog, Hidden Enchantress

No, this is not the deck by J.J. Stors – but his deck is the reason why I decided to dust off my old Enchantresses and send it onto the battlefield once again. Resurrecting the archetype and updating it to challenge the top decks in the current Extended metagame was not as difficult as I…

Second Helpings in Seattle: of Sligh, of Wins, and of Surprises

The PTQ for Osaka held in Seattle drew a sizable crowd, just as I had anticipated, rounding out at about 80 people (meaning seven rounds of Swiss). Many diverse archetypes were represented – from the expected , Junk, Walamies Elephant, and The Rock, all the way to the more traditional designs of Oath, Turboland, and…