AuthorJackie Lee

Jackie Lee won a PTQ for Pro Tour Dark Ascension while working as a card alterist. Since then, she has placed highly in three consecutive GPs, including Top 4 at GP Baltimore 2012. She also won MA State Regonals 2010.

Lessons From Manchester

Jackie Lee’s elevens weren’t quite up yet; she placed 11th for the third time in a row at GP Manchester. Find out the lessons she learned from this event, including tips for the recent rule changes. Prepare for SCG Open Series: Madison!

Women In Magic, The 2012 Edition

Jackie Lee has been a consistent face on the Grand Prix circuit, making Top 4 in Baltimore and multiple Top 16s. But she isn’t just breaking into the Pro Tour; she speaks out against the sexism prevalent in Magic today.

The Draft Decks That Time Forgot

Jackie Lee takes a look at some unsuccessful Draft and Sealed decks from her past in the hopes that she can help you learn from her mistakes. Find out how you can draft better at your next SCG Draft Open!

Planning Your Success: Top 16 At GP Seattle

Rising star Jackie Lee has learned a few things traveling around the GP circuit this year. Listen to her advice about improving your organizational skills in order to get better at tournament play in time for the SCG Invitational in Baltimore.

Strangling My Way To Barcelona

After playing in her first Pro Tour, Jackie Lee made Top 4 at Grand Prix Baltimore. Read about how her R/G Aggro deck qualified her for Pro Tour Avacyn Restored and consider playing it this weekend at StarCityGames.com Open: Tampa.

Going To Hawaii: The Pro Tour Stage

Jackie Lee had an amazing start at Pro Tour Dark Ascension with an R/G Aggro deck that went undefeated on day one. Find out what insights she gained during the Limited portion.