AuthorEric Froehlich

After some time away from the game, old-school pro Eric Froehlich, or simply "EFro," has made a triumphant return, making the Top 8s of US Nationals and Worlds 2010.

No Gamble, No Future: Extended Ooze

Friday, December 31st – Everyone knows about Ooze now… But defending against this deck and trying to target it with hate is much easier said than done. So let the 2010 5th-place Worlds finisher tell you why Ooze is still good!

Fifth at Worlds in Chiba, Part 2

Tuesday, December 21st – EFro, poker pro, has come back to Magic and is wrecking the scene. He played Conley Woods’ Necrotic Ooze combo deck for Extended. Read about this crazy brew and EFro’s Top 8 games with R/B Vampires.