AuthorDavid Heilker

David Heilker (also called Dave Rockstar by himself and approximately no one else) is a devastatingly mediocre Magic player. He has accomplished nothing worth noting, except when he fumbled his way to the Top 8 of an SCG Open once and a PTQ where Lauren Lee beat him. He is terrifyingly handsome.

War Of Worldcraft – Episode II: Believe It!

Dave continues to explore worldbuilding and flavor in fantasy, moving forward with Azathu after giving Ciesta a proper send-off. Between new mechanics, card designs, and narrative arcs, you won’t want to miss today’s treat!

War Of Worldcraft – Episode One

Want to learn more about the creative process for developing a game like Magic? Then join David Heilker as he demonstrates the development process while he creates his own worlds for Magic with your input!

Feature Article – Give ‘Em Hell, Kid

Grand Prix GP Columbus July 30-August 1, 2010
Monday, July 26th – I’m honestly not entirely sure what AJ Sacher was trying to accomplish in his article, but I have my guesses. I’m not offended by it, nor am I terribly insulted by it. The overarching message I got from it was “deconstruct the best decks, and put them back together instead of just reading decklists,” or something along those lines.