AuthorCollins Mullen

Collins Mullen has been playing Magic the Gathering since Theros. He earned an SCG Tour Invitational Top 8 and runner-up finish at Grand Prix Washington DC before reaching Modern superstardom by bringing Five-Color Humans to the forefront of Modern with an undefeated finish at SCG Cincinnati.

The 3 Best Modern Decks As Of Now

The Pro Tour metagame? That’s old news. What matters now is how things will progress, and Collins is quite confident that these decks are destined to remain on top for the time being!

A Guide To B/R Vengevine

This might suddenly be the hottest deck in all of Modern! Collins explains how this deck’s tricks came out of nowhere to become a major Modern tier one contender!

Modern Decks On The Rise

With a quick look at emerging archetypes and suspected shifts in the top tiers of Modern, Collins is ready to declare some winners on our way to SCG Philadelphia!

Horseplay With Core Set 2019

Collins loves exploring new set cycles, and he thinks we’re undervaluing the innocuous Horses in Core Set 2019! What would it take for these to be the next difference-maker uncommons?

Being Tuned Towards In Modern

SCG Tour star Collins Mullen knows firsthand the value of curveballing your opponents in Modern! He studies that phenomenon here by taking a look at a deck that took him by surprise last week!

Important Skill Sets In Magic

Collins is the reflective type, and that has served him very well on the SCG Tour! Get a few insights into the things he finds most valuable when he takes on a room of tournament competitors!

On Morals And Magic

Collins Mullen’s last article sparked quite the conversation! Today, he explores the gaps in player perception that made the missed-trigger scenario so controversial.

Beating Humans At SCG Louisville

Collins put Humans on the Modern map, but he’s turning away from them to look for the next big thing! What decks does he think will prey on Humans in Louisville this weekend?

The Guide To W/B Aggro

Collins Mullen wants to talk about the big deck of the moment! Can this archetype stay alive throughout the meta? And how did it prey on U/W Control this week?