AuthorChris Woltereck

Chris has won two StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Opens and T8'd in 30+ Pro Tour Qualifiers.

Feature Article – Welcome to Legacy!

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Thursday, March 25th – Welcome to Legacy, the most diverse and balanced format in Magic. Legacy is by far the most exciting format to play, and if that was not enough… There are no Jund decks in Legacy!

For the Love of the Game

Richmond, Virginia hosts the first StarCityGames.com $5,000 Standard Open of 2009!
Wednesday, February 18th – If you haven’t heard, StarCityGames.com is running ten – that’s right, ten – $5,000 Standard Open tournaments in the coming year! Between this tournament series and the Grand Prix series, players of all shapes and sizes will be able to compete in an abundance of high level tournaments. I have to say I am very excited for the first tournament this weekend, in Richmond Virginia.

Feature Article – Woltereck on Five-Color Control

States is coming!
Tuesday, November 4th – The State Championships are fast approaching, and our metagame options are shaping up nicely. Chris Woltereck, one of the stronger proponents of Five-Color Control and the winner of the recent StarCityGames.com $5K Standard Open, shares his latest thoughts on the archetype, and brings us a comprehensive primer on how to defeat the deck he feels will be most popular come States – White Weenie. He also recounts a round-by-round report from the SCG $5K…

Inside SCG – The Road Warrior / The Real Deal

In this new weekly column, we bring you inside StarCityGames.com to see the strategies, thoughts, trends and feelings about Magic from inside the minds of the StarCityGames.com employees themselves! To kick off this inaugural column, we’ve got Chris Woltereck’s quest to qualify for Worlds ’08, and Ben Bleiweiss’s thoughts about how to fix Magic Online!