AuthorBrian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall has been immersed in Magic since the release of Beta and founded both Gray Matter Conventions and Neutral Ground. He is one of Magic's great storytellers.

The Easiest Pro Tour You’ll Ever Qualify For

Since you play against teams with the same record as you in a Swiss tournament, it is likely that you will have similar ratings to your opponents all day long. A 5-0 record can yield 80 points at a 32K event. Even a 3-0 at a measly 16K event is worth 24 points.
If you can string together those two events, you are halfway to being qualified for the next Pro Tour.

Focus On Tight Sight

A couple of months ago, I got an excited e-mail from Neutral Ground regular Elden Lee. He had stumbled upon an exciting new deck on Magic Online that a Japanese player had beaten him with. I have no idea who this player was – but as far as I know, he is the originator of the deck that came to be known as Tight Sight. We tested it, and here’s what we found out.

Squeezing “Oomph” Out Of Your Deck: Did I Build This Right?

I know there has been a lot of talk about U/R losing a lot of its luster with one less pack of Lavamancer’s Skills; I think the combination is still viable, but the archetype has changed. I have had some success pairing the Mistform creatures with the blue and red Slivers, like Blade Sliver and Shifting Sliver. 3/1 Mistform Dreamers and 4/1 Mistform Seaswifts present your opponent with a small window of time to find their answers.