AuthorBen Rubin

At age 15, Ben Rubun graduated from the Pro Tour Junior division to take second place in his first Premier Event: Pro Tour Los Angeles 3. He would also take second place in the World Championships that year and go on to claim two more Pro Tour top 4s, two Grand Prix wins, and two Masters titles. In 2009 the Academy was kind enough to induct him into the Magic the Gathering Hall of Fame. After a four year hiatus, Ben came back to the game in 2014 and has managed to avoid embarrassment, with a pair of Grand Prix finals, several PT cash finishes, and a few more good deck ideas.

Your Guide To Bant Nexus

The biggest breakout of Standard was easily this deck! Ben Rubin was one of its foremost pilots, and he wants to share his updated list, sideboard guide, and more!

Feature Article -The Brewer’s Lot

SCG 10k St. Louis Offers First Chances to Qualify for the 2010 StarCityGames.com Invitational!
Thursday, December 10th – In today’s feature article from Ben Rubin, the accomplished deckbuilder examines the art of deck brewing. With examples from deep within the history of the game to modern decklists and strategies, Ben supplies some interesting tips to get those creative juices flowing!

Run Over – Modifying Dump Truck for New Extended

StarCityGames.com would like to welcome our newest Featured Writer to the family. We now present longtime Pro, Masters winner, and Grand Prix: Anaheim champion Ben Rubin!

There has been a little bit of discussion of Extended and Grand Prix Anaheim in relation to my”Dump Truck” deck. Tim Aten, for example, seems to grasp its strengths pretty well, while a lot of the suggestions I’ve heard from other people demonstrate a much shallower acquaintance with it. One of the more interesting questions posed is”will this deck, unhindered by the recent bannings, still be a contender?”