AuthorAndy Probasco

Andy "Brassman" Probasco finished 2nd at the 2005 Vintage World Championships and Grand Prix Chicago in 2009. He's won several major Vintage tournaments, was a finalist in the Great Designer Search, and is considered to be amongst the best Vintage deckbuilders in the world.

City of Brass – Making Mana

Tuesday, February 8 – Andy Probasco, resident Legacy expert, tells you how to construct mana bases in Legacy, a format riddled with Wastelands and nonbasic fixing. Sleeve up the perfect mana for SCG Legacy Open: DC on the 27th!

City of Brass – Vintage Besieged

Tuesday, January 25th – Is Vintage Magic heading for a shake-up this weekend? Andy explores how to evaluate new cards for Constructed formats and takes a detailed look at Mirrodin Besieged from an Eternal perspective.

City of Brass – How to Win Game Two

Tuesday, December 28th – Most people sideboard against specific cards in their opponents’ deck, like Platinum Angel or Tarmogoyf…. And they’re doing it wrong. Let me show you the question you should be asking.

City of Brass – This Is Madness

Tuesday, December 14th – Is there a method to the madness in these Vintage Madness decks? Not beatdown and not aggro-control, these decks are pure control and use Bazaar of Baghdad for card advantage. This deck may be the real deal.

City of Brass – So Many Inane Plays

Tuesday, November 16th – If before this event, a friend had asked, “Hey Andy, how many times are you going to play Pithing Needle naming Eye of Ugin today?” I wouldn’t have guessed correctly. Check out Andy’s SCG Open: Boston report!

City of Brass – Overseas Innovations

Tuesday, November 2nd – Though American tournaments recently have been small, Gush-free affairs, things have been brewing overseas. A 150-person tournament was held in Madrid, and the same two Gush lists made the finals.

City of Brass – Riddle Me This

Monday, October 4th – Join returning writer, Andy Probasco, in his newest Vintage column! What has he been gushing about lately? Hmmm, more 2/1s for two? But not the ones you’re probably thinking of.