Zombie-Vine In Legacy

Get excited to play Legacy this weekend at the SCG Open Series in Los Angeles by watching Drew play the Zombie-Vine deck he wrote about earlier this week on Magic Online!

Round 1: Elves

Round 2: Deathblade

Round 3: Reanimator

Round 4: Miracles

First off, I want to confess that I didn’t expect to win two matches, let alone come that close against Miracles. I especially didn’t expect to do well against Reanimator or against Deathrite Shaman, but it turns out that Thoughtseize is quite powerful.

A few quick hits:

I deeply enjoyed reading all of your comments on last week’s video article, as I had no idea that people legitimately miss Vengevine beatdowns. Rather than more multiple choice polls, I’m going to keep giving you all an open floor to suggest cards and interactions that you’d like to see more of. As always, I can’t promise that they’ll win lots of games, but I can promise that I’ll find some sweet things to do.

And no, of course I haven’t forgotten about Artificer’s Intuition. But since SCG Open Series: Charlotte featuring the Invitational is coming up next weekend—an event that I’ll be missing sadly due to work commitments—I want to take next week’s content as an opportunity to tell you how I’ve picked my decks for split format events. If you’re heading to Charlotte next weekend and you aren’t sure of what to play, you don’t want to miss it. 

As always, a parting question for you fine folks back at home:

If you’re going to the Invitational, are you more comfortable with your Standard deck choice or your Legacy deck choice?

I’ll leave this one a little more open than the last. Rather than just voting, I want to know why you feel more or less comfortable with one format. Let me hear you in the comments, and I’ll be back next week!