Wacky Wednesdays #11: Here Come The Merry Men!

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As I have no other submissions at this point, I will tell another tale myself this week. If you have any cool multiplayer stories you want to share (and win $5 in StarCity credit) please send them to [email protected].

Here Come The Merry Men!

So it was another pretty chaotic multiplayer game. Next to the Chaos Rules, we used the Vanguard cards. We had a huge stack of them, and at the beginning of each player’s turn that, player had to throw a six-sided die; On a 6, the top Vanguard card would be revealed and the player had to roll again, which would determine the number of turns (of that player) the card would stay”in play.” The effects would apply to all players.

I can’t remember exactly who was playing, but I remember there were six to eight players. One of the highlights was when Ricochet was on the table.


Whenever any spell targets a single player, each player rolls a six-sided die. That spell is redirected to the player or players with the lowest die roll. If two or more players tie for the lowest die roll, they reroll until there is no tie.

One of the players decided to cast a Stroke of Genius, and one of the Vanguard cards in play was a Sisay (which acts like a Manaflare), so the Stroke was for about fifteen cards. We all started counting our Libraries and the guy with twenty-eight cards decided to Fork the Stroke. Yes, he was the”lucky” guy to roll lowest in both cases and deck himself.

The Vanguard cards were reshuffled when we had had half of them on the table. So at a later point in the game there was a Tahngarth in play (which acts like a Concordant Crossroads) and the Sisay was there as well. The game had gone on for hours, and we all had had enough… But of course, we couldn’t just leave without a winner. I drew my card and had found a solution to break the stalemate:

Robin Hood.

Inquest had put cards of the most legendary heroes in their magazine. They were completely ready to play, except for the fact that you had to cut them out of the magazine. I had put Robin Hood in my deck – and boy, was it a good time to draw him.

Robin Hood


When Robin Hood comes into play, put X Merry Man tokens into play. Treat these tokens as 1/1 green and white creatures.

WW,T: If target opponent controls more artifacts than you do, gain control of one of target opponent’s artifacts.

GG,T: Put a -1/-1 arrow counter on target attacking or blocking creature. Robin Hood does not untap as normal during your next untap phase.

With seventeen lands in play this late in the game, I produced thirty Merry Men and in one big split attack killed the remaining three opponents.

Next week

I can say nothing more than just wait and see.

‘Til then, have fun,