Video: Sultai Training Grounds In Modern!

Gerry Thompson is not above experimentation when a deck piques his interest. Does this one have what it takes to win the $5,000 Modern Premier IQ at #SCGINVI?

Deck Tech

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

I know I said in the video that I’d play out my final round, and I did, but I’m kind of stupid and ended up not saving the file. As it turns out, you didn’t miss much because of my error because all that happened in the match was me beating up on a Mono-White enchantment deck with Abrupt Decay and Training Grounds / Pack Rat. However, I typically do my wrap-ups at the end of the fourth video, so that was lost.

With KTK packs being less than two tickets, joining a two-man queue is a bad proposition for both players, so that was off the table. Playing in the practice room didn’t seem like a great idea either. So I figured I could just wrap up the videos with a little text.

Basically, I feel like there’s enough merit to continue working on the deck, but the current iteration probably isn’t where you want to be. Maybe there’s too much going on with trying to make Stubborn Denial work, and maybe the green isn’t worth it. Regardless, the deck could’ve used more removal and maybe a two-mana counterspell. My first lists were straight U/B, and that’s probably what I’ll go back to trying.

Training Grounds / Pack Rat looked good, although I could definitely see some issues running out of cards. Life from the Loam is an option if I wanted to keep the green, and that would allow me to play some Ghost Quarters if I wanted. Mutavault didn’t seem particularly good, so that seems like a reasonable swap. That would also allow me to play more Sunken Ruins if I wanted to. Maybe a different splash would be a better option since both red and white have cards I wouldn’t mind playing with.