Video: Dragons Of Tarkir Draft!

Savvy Limited expert and Pro Tour Champion Ari Lax knows that you demand knowledge and entertainment! He delivers both here in his latest Limited video!


Round 1

[CEDitor’s Note: This swiss draft had the final two rounds omitted from publication due to audio issues. Upon contacting Ari, we decided to include summaries of the games so that those who were curious about the rest of the tournament could partake. Additionally, an additional draft was recorded for you. Enjoy.]


Game 1, I simply cast Sarkhan Unbroken on turn 5 on a stable board. It went down then up before my opponent conceded.

Game 2, I was all set to play Sarkhan on turn 4, but I opted to play another creature to ensure a stable board first. This resulted in my opponent
casting Duress and taking it. The game bogged down a bit with me flooded and him on Corpseweft. I learned that A) Corpseweft puts creatures into play
tapped after missing eight damage worth of attacks because I thought otherwise, and B) Stratus Dancer does not counter Reduce in Stature, however, my opponent got a
little aggressive with a 1/6 Wandering Tombshell, allowing me to Dash in a Sprinting Warbrute and easily race the Corpseweft inevitability.

In game 1 of round 3, my opponent played Kolaghan’s Command as Raise Dead for the Zephyr Sage I had just killed, plus it killed my two- drop on turn 4. Then came Tasigur. Then came
Silumgar’s Command. Then came Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury.

Game 2, I was unable to get onto the board fast, and my opponent walled up with a deathtoucher and fliers. I tried to land a critical number of large
creatures and bash through, but the delay allowed my opponent to start casting card draw spells and easily take over the game.

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Round 1

Round 2

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