Video Daily Digest: Now Is The Time For Worship

Worship is generally thought of as a niche sideboard card in Modern. Can this successful Magic Online list with four copies maindeck make you a believer in time for SCG Syracuse?

Worship is one of those cards that pops up in Modern sideboards from time to time, usually in very small quantities. It takes a very specific kind of game to make the card good. You have to have creatures on the battlefield and your opponent has to be winning via damage while being relatively low on interaction so they can’t simply clear your battlefield before killing you.

But the thing is, if you argue for your limitations then you get to keep them, and some Magic players are dreamers. That’s how we get crazy decks like Lantern Control emerging from the mass of cards available in Modern, first as ugly ducklings, but eventually as beautiful swans.

So what if Worship could be the basis for a consistent strategy? You’ll want to be able to land it quickly, definitely by turn 3, since Modern’s most aggressive decks can end the game by then and this deck will be low on interaction itself. That means mana accelerants will be the basis of your creature suite, which is fine because you’re not much worried about attacking.

Sylvan Caryatid is also great, since it’s difficult to remove, so pair those with the classics Birds of Paradise and Noble Hierarch and you have a fine start.

Idyllic Tutor ensures that you have easy access to both Worship and the key piece of protection for it, Privileged Position. The singleton Courser of Kruphix is a heady addition for Idyllic Tutor so that it can be a creature when you’re in need.

Leyline of Sanctity provides your “combo” protection from Thoughtseize while also providing some free wins against Scapeshift and Burn decks, among others.

The spell set largely fleshed out, we now move to the manabase, where there is a surprising amount going on. A full four copies of Dryad Arbor may look strange, but having the ability to fetch out a creature after a sweeper is key in preventing your opponent setting up the one-two punch with a creature-land or burn spells. Westvale Abbey gives you something resembling a win condition, but if you never get to kill your opponent, it’s no worry, since Mistveil Plains ensures you’ll never deck.

This deck is certainly still in the ugly duckling stage, but at the very least it’s another testament to how wide the bounds of Modern are, and at best it’s a chance to develop the next deck Zac Elsik will win a tournament with, which I figure you can parlay into at least a free dinner. Make sure you get your money’s worth and order dessert.