Daily Digest: The Best Golgari Charm Ever

GerryT revisits one of the better visible plays in Pro Tour history. Yuuki Ichikawa has provided the world with a Jund Planeswalkers list that you had better watch for at #SCGNY!

If you haven’t watched Yuuki Ichikawa’s match against Jackson Cunningham in the Top 8 of Pro Tour Magic 2015, I highly recommend it. That match features
one of the sickest moments in Magic history involving the best Golgari Charm of all time.

Anyway, RIWBTU had been crushing people on Magic Online with his Jund Planeswalkers deck; I wrote a Daily Digest about it, it finished second the
StarCityGames Open in Kansas City, and then it put two players in the Top 8 of PTM15. Pierre Mondon, the other pilot in Top 8, got his list straight from
RIWBTU himself. Yuuki’s, on the other hand, was a little different…

The first thing that sticks out is the full amount of Nissa, Worldwakers. While previously thought to be effective only in Mono-Green decks, Yuuki’s deck
should change that perception. Even with only nine Forests, Nissa ends up being a workhorse. Using a planeswalker to create multiple threats is everything
this deck wants to be doing.

Secondly, Yuuki decided to not play any Read the Bones. The PTM15 metagame ended up featuring a number of aggressive decks, so cutting Read the Bones looks
like a genius idea. To top it off, Yuuki even added a swath of removal spells which I think is a great move. In a deck that wants to protect its
planeswalkers, having ones that defend themselves, plus adding extra ways to defend them, was a great idea.

What do you guys think? Do you like Polukranos, World Eater alongside Stormbreath Dragon or Nissa and a pile of removal spells? With two copies of Jund
Planeswalkers in Top 8 and Jund Monsters barely making an appearance, it appears that the planeswalker version is the real deal.