Video: B/W Aggro In Standard

See the other B/W deck that tore through the swiss rounds of the Pro Tour! Sam Black shows off his build and explains the best way to pilot it!

Today I’m going to play a very slightly modified version of the deck I played at the PT to help decide if I want to play it at the WMCQ.

Round 1

In the first game, my opponent’s hand was just too slow for Pack Rat. In the second game, playing Brimaz on turn 3 was definitely wrong, but I don’t think I could beat turn 2 Caryatid into planeswalkers on turns 3 and 4 when I’m on the draw. In the third game, my draw was pretty bad, so I’m surprised that I came as close as I did. Pack Rat is a really impressive card, which is why I prefer this deck to G/W Aggro. I had the last card coded as “not relevant” because it had been in his for so long, which was stupid, because he would have played it if it was a land because of Courser, so I think I basically should have known that it was a Rakdos’s Return regardless of whether I’d seen him scry one to the bottom (and I’m not really sure if he did or not).

Round 2

I felt good about game 1 despite my hand, but I was pretty surprised that my opponent conceded when he did. The second game was noteworthy just in showing how you can lose with Blood Baron of Vizkopa. The third game felt pretty normal–eventually someone sticks a Pack Rat and they win.

Round 3

My play at the end of the first game was indefensibly horrible–I just wasn’t thinking. The third game was weird–it looked like it was going to be about the board instead of burn, but then the board turned into burn, and I couldn’t close quickly enough after answering the Boros Reckoners.

Round 4

In this match, my opponent didn’t really have enough mana either game and got run over.

Overall, I think Desecration Demon was great in these matchups, and is generally something I want more of against Red and Green, so moving forward, I would cut the other Ephemeral Shields for another Desecration Demon. At that point, Ajani, Caller of the Pride makes a little less sense since it’s pretty bad with Desecration Demon, and I lose the line of protecting an early creature that I invest in with Ajani, so it’s likely that at least the third Ajani should be the fourth Hero’s Downfall. I’d also like at least one Pithing Needle in the sideboard, as I think that’s the best single card I could add to improve the Jund Planeswalkers matchup.