Daily Digest: Just The Money

GerryT shows us a glimpse of what could be an emerging archetype late in this Standard season! You have five days to test it before #SCGDC!

I’ve tried decks like this in the past and wasn’t impressed, but with each new set comes new toys to play with. Spirit Bonds may have been what we were

Spirit Bonds doubles up your threats and then protects them. With Spear of Heliod, those spirits turn lethal quickly. Hopeful Eidolon might not be
exciting, but once you have a Spirit Bonds, you’ll want as many cheap creatures as possible. Bestowing onto Boros Reckoner or Brimaz, King of Oreskos turn
4 is really powerful too.

Supreme Verdict was already a maindeckable card in this deck, despite the fact that it’s filled with creatures. There are some problems that are only
realistically solved with a sweeper. With a Spirit Bonds, you can even save a creature (or more if you have a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx).

While Ephara is generally better than Heliod, we should be happy to pay it tribute. After all this time, white devotion might finally have its place in the