Too Much Information – StarCityGames.com Legacy Open: Orlando

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Friday, April 2nd – After the massive numbers in Richmond and Indianapolis, a smaller event in Orlando still gives us plenty to chew on. Merfolk and Zoo remain the most popular decks in the format, but just because they are both aggro doesn€™t mean that they have similar match-ups. Also, vote in the first ever Too Much Information poll to decide which archetype gets the TMI microscope leading into the StarCityGames.com Open Weekend in Atlanta!

First up, here’s the spreadsheet!

Legacy remains a very fluid format. At every event, so many decks have a shot at the crown that players can easily find one that fits their taste or play style. One of the most exciting developments of the weekend landed in 13th place: Ryland Foster’s Mono Blue Control.

I will be honest… when looking through decks, I often come across some strange concoctions. I spent a little while on this list trying to figure out how it could win and then dismissed it as a control player just slapping four of each of his favorite cards onto a list, adding Islands and shuffling up like a 6 year old Patrick Chapin. I was wrong. Ryland’s losses on the day finished 7th (John Cuvelier) and 9th (Taylor Raflowitz), and he faced a day full of contending archetypes. Obviously, one performance is not enough to crown this deck a relevant archetype, but it is certainly worth some testing.

Let’s take a look at how the field broke down:

It was a hard day to have a good deck, with only one popular archetype breaking a 60% win percentage (Counter-Top NO Bant). Merfolk and Zoo remain the most popular archetypes, and Goblins increased their presence after their strong showing in Indianapolis.


The fish continue to be a solid choice for the metagame, largely due to their domination of combo decks and success against Counter-Top builds. The archetype continues to have trouble with Zoo, and Dredge and Reanimator present tough match-ups as well.


Being favored against the other big deck in the format will take you only so far in a format as diverse as Legacy. The Merfolk match-up is clearly in the Zoo player’s favor as is the match-up with Goblins. Unfortunately, unlike Merfolk, Zoo has significantly less resiliency against many of the popular combo decks in the format.


We had plenty of Goblins running around Orlando and, like Indy, one of them wound up in the finals. This time, though, the little red men scampered away with a trophy. It’s hard to draw any conclusions from so little data, but one striking difference from Indianapolis is the match-up with Land. In Indy, Goblins lost all 3 matches, but in Orlando it turned it around to a 3-0-1 record.

Once again, one of the best performing decks on the day just missed the dance. Ad Nauseam decks have been a staple of the Legacy metagame for a long time, but they have yet to have their major breakthrough in the StayCityGames.com Open Series. Lee Steht had the dubious distinction of 17th place at the Orlando Legacy Open; let’s take a look at his deck.

A tough match-up with Merfolk isn’t crippling, as the Legacy metagame is diverse enough that it is possible to dodge the fish for a day, but Counter-Top decks provide another obstacle, as will any deck packing a counter magic suite. Ad Nauseam decks, like many combo decks, require a good eye for when you are ready to ‘go off’ and if you are interested in picking up this style of deck, you should check out a primer and put in some time testing or expect to cost yourself a couple of winnable games.

With a month before the next StarCityGames.com Open Weekend in Atlanta on May 1st and 2nd, there is a bit of lag time before I’ll have piles of deck lists to work through, so I am going to follow through on an offer I made in the forums: A detailed breakdown of one archetype complete with all of the lists from Indianapolis and Orlando and results from Richmond, Indy and Orlando in a spreadsheet. Here is where you come in — You get to pick the archetype!

I’m looking forward to the results!