The World’s Easiest-To-Edit Tourney Report

It has to be read to be believed. But there is a major revelation for Chris Romeo fans.

I went to Atlanta.

I switched from Phantoms to Angry Zombies (R/G with Anger and Zombie Infestation).

I paid for the tourney.

There were 558 people.

I was one of eight for whom they couldn’t find a registration form.

I stood against the wall with the other seven like we were in some sort of twisted spelling bee.”Spell ‘Psychatog’… Or have your pasty white thighs flayed with a wet lo mein noodle!”

It got worse from there.

I went 5-6.

I could have stopped at 5-4.

I plowed on.

I lost 40 points.

I hate losing.

I’m netdecking from now on.