The Unofficial Ravnica Allegiance Prerelease Game

Ryan Normandin is back! Will you attend the Prerelease dressed as an evil clown? Hide Fblthp stickers everywhere? The possibilities are as endless as Simic creature combinations!

RNA Prerelease Achivements Game

Have you ever wanted to unleash your inner anarchist and smash up a city with the Gruul? Collect your debts in blood like the Orzhov? Establish an authoritarian, Thopter-surveillance state run by the most powerful planeswalker ever to see print in Standard like the Azorius? This Prerelease season, throw on some Lizard Wizard Crab arms and join the carnival! The five guilds in Ravnica Allegiance are accepting new members, and you can join—if you can earn enough points. You’ll need 100 points total, 20 of which must be guild-specific. Compete against your friends and see how many achievements you can complete this weekend!

Azorius Achievements

Complain about how weak the Azorius cards are compared to Supreme Verdict and Sphinx’s Revelation. (5 points)
Praise Lavinia for being the card that will finally kill off Tron in Modern. (5 points, +5 points if someone argues with you)
Announce Dovin’s Acuity as, “Dovin is a cutie!” (5 points)
When you cast Sphinx’s Insight, point out that it’s strange that an Insight is a better rate than a Revelation. (5 points)
Play a deck with only creatures with flying. (15 points)
Turn down the opportunity to kill your opponent with creatures because “It’s not the Azorius way.” Mill them instead. (15 points)
When you create a Thopter token, pull out your Energy counters and share how excited you are to be returning to Kaladesh. (10 points)
Put Dovin Baan onto the battlefield off Emergency Powers. (20 points)
Assemble Azorius Tron: Spirit of the Spires, Windstorm Drake, and Azorius Skyguard. (10 points)
When you play Precognitive Perception, say, “Wow, Tom Cruise is looking very Vedalken these days. Must be the Scientology.” (5 points)

Orzhov Achievements

Use Revenge to deal the last one point of damage to your opponent. (20 points)
Announce Grasping Thrull as Siege Flyno. (5 points)
Whenever Afterlife 2/3 triggers, announce, “Aha, my creature was really just 2/3 kids in a trenchcoat!” (5 points)
Wear formal business attire to the Prerelease. Hand out debt notices (with Ozhovian interest) to anyone who owes you anything. (15 points)
Have Kaya do something that affects the outcome of the game. Anything. (30 points)
When an opponent triggers afterlife, call a judge over. Ask if your opponent still gets the tokens if you don’t believe in an afterlife. (10 points)
Have an opponent overpay for a spell because they think Tithe Taker is Thalia. (10 points)
Exile a permanent with Kaya, smirk, and ask your opponent, “So what does your mythic rare do?” (5 points)
Cast Final Payment while at 5 life, pay the life, read the flavor text, then keel over. (20 points)
If someone casts Kaya’s Wrath, say, “Wow! This card is so powerful. I can’t wait to see what the planeswalker does.” (5 points)

Simic Achievements

Use Vannifar to Pod into a Hydroid Krasis, put it into your graveyard, and say, “Well, that experiment didn’t work out.” (20 points)
Activate Growth-Chamber Guardian, search your library, and announce, “Fail to find.” Remove the counters later to do it again. (5 points)
Have at least ten different creature types on the battlefield. (15 points)
Control only creatures with +1/+1 counters on them (at least three). (10 points)
Win the game with Simic Ascendancy. (10 points)
Play a 16/16 or greater Giant Lizrog and point out that you’ve done what the Gatewatch couldn’t: you can kill Emrakul. (20 points)
Control both Skatewing Spy and Trollbred Guardian to create an army of Flamplers. (10 points)
Point out the tentacles on Sharktocrab. Ask your opponent whether they think the big bad in the next set is Emrakul or Marit Lage. (5 points)
Bring a pet Fish/Lizard/Crab/Frog/Vedalken to the Prerelease dressed as a Simic mutant with some “upgrades.” (10 points, +5 points per upgrade)
Adapt Pteramander for U. (10 points)

Rakdos Achievements

Bedevil a Devil. (10 points)
Have a captive audience when you win the game with Captive Audience. (5 points per person)
Cast Rakdos into a large battlefield of creatures. Ask a judge for a time extension to flip some coins. (1 point for every creature beyond the fifth)
Whenever you trigger Spectacle, say, “It’s time for a… spectacle,” and then remove or put on your spectacles. (5 points)
When you cast Bedazzle or have it cast against you, pull out a bedazzled item. (10 points)
Starting on Turn 3, trigger Spectacle every turn. (15 points)
When you cast Cult Guildmage, put a Jace card onto the battlfield. (10 points)
When you cast Clear the Stage, throw the targeted card off the table. (10 points)
Wear an evil clown outfit to the Prerelease. (15 points)
Deal twenty damage with Fireblade Artist. (20 points)

Gruul Achievements

Have a creature enter the battlefield with two instances of riot and choose haste for both. (10 points)
Whenever you kill another creature (or player), say, “Not Gruul? Then die.” (5 points)
Sing “Wrecking Ball Beast” by Miley Cyrus when you play Wrecking Beast. (5 points)
When you attack with Clamor Shaman, announce, “Exert,” and point to a creature. (5 points)
Tie rocks to your belt and wear it to the Prerelease as your very own Rubblebelt. (10 points)
Play Nikya in a deck without any noncreature spells. (15 points)
Deal lethal with Bolrac-Clan Crusher. (5 points)
Save a creature in combat by removing its +1/+1 counter with Bolrac-Clan Crusher to kill one of the creatures blocking it or blocked by it. (10 points)
Whenever you cast Savage Smash, comment on how savage your play was. (5 points)
When you play a SkARRG!an Hellkite, comment that you didn’t know there were Dragon Pirates in the Gruul. (10 points)

Miscellaneous Achievements

Build a Boros, Dimir, Selesnya, Golgari, or Izzet deck. (10 points)
Cast Tower Defense with a High Alert on the battlefield. (15 points)
Complain that your pool didn’t have a Colossal Dreadmaw. (5 points)
Play a deck with more Guildgates than basics. (10 points)
Whenever you make an Angel or cast an Angel with flying and vigilance, complain that they should really be Black/Green. (5 points)
Announce every creature as Lazav. (10 points)
When you play Eyes Everywhere, dump a bag of googly eyes on the table. (15 points)
Cast Clear the Mind in response to an opponent activating Persistent Petitioners for lethal. (15 points)
Mill your opponent with Persistent Petitioners. (20 points)
Print out Fblthp stickers and hide them around your store. Who can find the most? (10 points, +5 points to finder per sticker)
Whenever you scry, announce it as surveil and put cards into your graveyard. (5 points)
Use all five colors to cast Sphinx of the Guildpact. (15 points)
Cast Gate Colossus for 0. (10 points)
Point out that by this set’s standards, Scrabbling Claws is basically a planeswalker. (5 points)
If someone casts Quench against you, take a sip of water and ask if that counts as paying. (10 points)
Kill your opponent with Teysa + Judith. (15 points)
Cast Electrodominance for eight on Turn 5 with Wilderness Reclamation and say, “I can’t wait for Standard.” (15 points)
Amplifire into Hydroid Krasis. (15 points)
Mirror March a Biogenic Ooze. (15 points)
Kill someone with their Angel of Grace trigger on the stack. (20 points)
Quench a Thirsting Shade. (10 points)
Put into your deck every card illustrated by Seb McKinnon. (10 points)
Insist on reading the full flavor text of Catacomb Crocodile every time you play it. (5 points per read)
Deface a Screaming Shield. (10 points)
When you play Carnivorous Imp, ask your opponent if you can nibble on their hand. (5 points)
Consign to the Pit a Pitiless Pontiff. Then, say that five times fast. (10 points)
Burn an opponent with Pestilent Spirit on the battlefield. Tell them that since your spells have deathtouch, you win. (5 points)
On the draw, keep a no-lander with Sphinx of Foresight. (15 points)
With a Wilderness Reclamation on the battlefield, float mana, untap, make more mana, then play a Mountain and announce, “Nexus of Fate.” (10 points)
Use Clan Guildmage and Combine Guildmage to put +1/+1 counters on a land. (15 points)
Create 4/5/6+ tokens with Goblin Gathering. (2 points per Goblin beyond the third)
Say that something looks off about the art in Shimmer of Possibility. When your opponent tells you what it is, deny it and insist that you just don’t see it. (5 points, +1 point for each minute the argument continues)
Slimebind an Ooze. (5 points)
Deal twenty damage without attacking. (20 points)
When you play Smelt-Ward Ignus, say, “If you Smelt-it Ward Ignus, you Dealt-it Ward Ignus.” (5 points )