The Top 25 Artifacts Of All-Time: #25-21

Earlier this year, Patrick Chapin went through a historical chronicle of many of Magic’s greatest cards ever in celebration of the game’s anniversary! It’s time to continue that series as a holiday treat for you!

This year was a big one for Magic: the Gathering. 25 years? Amazing.

League of Legends has been around for nine years so far.

The original NES lasted eleven years.

World of Warcraft is fourteen years old this year.

Women have been playing basketball professionally in the WNBA for 21 years.

The kind of longevity Magic has enjoyed is remarkable to basically anyone
that has never played (since it doesn’t take many games to see just how
impossibly vast of a world Magic takes you to).

Magic has a rich and fascinating history, and this past summer, I wrote a
series of articles discussing the top 25 cards of all-time for each color,
. With Ravnica Allegiance preview season about to hit fast and
hard next week, I’d like to take this opportunity to look at the top 25
artifacts of all-time. Cards will be chosen based on both abstract power
level and contextual relevance. It’s not just what are the best artifacts
in Vintage, but also, what are the artifacts that would be the strongest if
they were to reappear in Standard?

25. Triskelion

Triskelion might seem a little unassuming, but few cards in the game’s
history have been considered “surprisingly good” in as many decades as
Triskelion. The card’s secret is a combination of three factors: