The Main Phase Video Show – Spare Some Change?

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Wednesday, October 15th – Reuben Bresler brings us the latest installment of The Main Phase Video Show, with talk on Grand Prix: Kansas City, the missing Invitational, and the “suit up” idea for Pro Tour: Berlin…

Hello out there, everybody; my name is Reuben Bresler, and welcome to The Ma… Oh my God, I just found a Werther’s in my pocket!

In this week’s episode, I’m going to talk a little bit about the upcoming Grand Prix in Kansas City, Pro Tour: Berlin, and the state of our economy…

“Spare some change? Anybody?”

You know what would be the most awkward time to pass a homeless person on the street would be?

When you’re on your way to the Coin Star.

… But we’ll being today’s episode with a quick discussion of the thing that’s on everybody’s mind right now, the impending election.

No, I’m not talking about picking between John McCain and Barack Obama to see whom the leader of the free world for the next four years is going to be.

That would be frivolous.

Although here’s a fun game. You guys can play along at home.

Living on a college campus like I do, I get people asking me if I’m registered to vote all the time.

The next time someone comes up to you to ask if you’re registered, just do what I do.

“Excuse me sir, have you registered to vote?”

“Sorry, convicted felon!”

Gets them every time.

But that’s beside the point. The real election that I’m talking about is the one that is supposed to be happening right now and isn’t: the Invitational.

You remember the Invitational, don’t you? Every year Wizards brings together sixteen of the biggest names and faces in Magic for an All-Star extravaganza.

And now we are robbed of that.

Anyway, the shape of the U.S. economy is having a fairly dramatic impact on Magic just as it’s having a major effect on everything else.

So what does the new post-apocalyptic economy mean for M:tG?

Well, tighter wallets means less people shoveling out the dough for long car rides and entrance fees, meaning smaller PTQ and GPT turnouts in the future.

It’s possible that single prices will go up as a result as well, because those folks need to makes that money too.

Kyle Sanchez will have to go back to selling his body for money.

… Again.

(Note to self… Carpet matches drapes.)

There’s probably more, but let’s get off of this depressing subject.

I mean come on! There’s a Pro Tour and a Grand Prix on the way!

Speaking of which, Berlin is fast approaching and I really wish I could go but unfortunately I’m terrible at Magic.

For those of you that are going, I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

One of the more interesting storylines involving the PT in Berlin is the ‘Suit Up’ idea started by Raphael Levy. He wants to get as many people attending the Pro Tour to show up and play in suits, the idea being that if Magic looks more professional then the game gets a better image to work with.

I like this idea in a vacuum, but really… how is everyone going to keep those suits clean? After all, it’s October in Germany and that means Oktoberfest!

Oh, Oktoberfest is actually in September? Really?

Well, at least I’ll be at GP: Kansas City.

I’ll see everybody there this weekend for a few days of jazz, Shards Sealed, barbeque, Booster Draft, and blues.

So until next time, my name is Reuben Bresler and remember: ten cent commons beat ten dollar rares every single time.


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“You know, it’s now legal for convicted felons to vote in Ohio.”

“Well aren’t you being a bit snippy to a man who just admitted to you that they are a convicted felon. Fine, I’ll register to vote. So tell me, which candidate is in favor of the abolition of battery laws?”