The GAM Podcast: Daddy Day

Fresh off Father’s Day, the guys welcome Kevin “The Daddy” Jones onto the show! From the Pro Tour to the SCG Tour, Kevin is a great guy to talk to about competitive Magic!

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These episodes are meant to be timeless classics, either as “level up”
episodes or those interviewing guests. With that in mind, The GAM Podcast
is proud to present our first returning guest: Kevin “The Daddy” Jones!

Kevin talks about his monumental run at Pro Tour Dominaria that ultimately
lead to him finishing a heartbreaking 17th place. Join Gerry, Bryan, and
Kevin as they discuss the highest highs and lowest lows of playing on the
Pro Tour.

Music: Smash Brothers Melee

Time Stamps

Handling success and failure – 4:29

U/B going forward – 34:23

Match analysis against Takimura – 47:10

Question of the week – 1:06:28

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