Rules: Each clue is a cryptic clue leading to (or an anagram of) the name of a Magic: The Gathering card eg. Mr Stallone Trips Over might be the clue for FALLING STAR etc. How many can you get ? 1.I parked around 2.Sounds like a ramble through some herbs 3.I’m tired, I think I’ll…

Rules: Each clue is a cryptic clue leading to (or an anagram of) the name of a Magic: The Gathering card eg. Mr Stallone Trips Over might be the clue for FALLING STAR etc.

How many can you get ?

1.I parked around
2.Sounds like a ramble through some herbs
3.I’m tired, I think I’ll take…
4.Electric vegetable
5.Teases the Aeroplane
6.Another form of Atom
7.What Dr Christian Barnard did first
8.Change thread
9.A Cobbler’s barrier ?
10.Rommel ? Montgomery ? Patton ? How would you describe each of them ?
11.What Dr Who keeps under his Christmas Tree ?
12.Seasoned wood
13.A cool-looking sports car…
14.Row with a mushroom
15."Remain, abbreviated sibling !"
16.All new flora
17.Maggoty brainwash
18.Scott Joplin
19.It helps you do the washing up
20.A piece of cutlery
21.Where cakes waltz
22.Another name for a blacksmith
23.Your speed when you’re on all fours
24.Er…now ?
25.Bristol or English ?
26.Large snare
27.Sombre thieves
28.Slip in vanilla
29.Genital grub ?
30.Moses’ party trick ?
31.Alphabet assassins
32.Keep going…
33.Charlie Drake’s wouldn’t come back !
34.Oral beast
35.The Wright Brothers
36.Pre-defined DNS Name extension ?
37.If Elrond told fibs, he’d be an…
38.Part of the afterlife’s hi-fi ?
39.Grimly Fiendish, Smash it up, and New Rose ?
40.Alternative rule
41.Not foggy
42.A trail of petit-pois
43.It’s made red
44.What Santa pays his helpers with ?
45.Shy duck
46.One over Ten
47.Conflicting shape
48.Modest, gay witch ?
49.Be Quiet !
50.What Priests need for their cigarettes
51.A land thing, Nora
52.Speed around with the Chess piece
53."Watch out for that composer !"
54.Literally, a public sacrifice of 100 oxen
55.A grand Dome ?
56.Bra ? Maybe not !
57.A frog on tha’ bread
59.What Wizards and the DCI (try) to do 😉
60.Borne to reap ?
61.Iron Oxide
62.The svengali is visible to me
63.The German four ?
64.Daft mares
65.Don’t invite these guys to your parties !
66.What the rings are supposed to tell you
67.Dreaming eel
68.Massed Race
69.Colourful part of the hospital, but which one ?
70.In an inca vein ?
71.Rhubarb or apple
72.What chickens do between lessons
73.Fe Sol
74.A dictionary ?
75.Sounds like the explosive’s country location
76.What you need to watch television on holiday, possibly
77.China has one
78.I paint Sally’s cup – FREE !
79.Slag off the maiden
80.Laugh in disturbed rest
81.Protection for the timid
82.I’m asking you for an end to Pepper, Flour, and John
83.Gain the rest
84.Heaven or oblivion – now what’s the question ?
85.Public School
86.That matinee’s mail
87.Tom, Dick, and Harry in the movies ?
88.One prune stone
89.Brad can’t be arsed
90.He’s big in holidays
92.No start for the pumpkin
93.See you by a confused battle
94.Doubly-desperate character
95.Bichumen pot
96.The Princess of Whales ?
97.Alas! Camper !
98.Other half around by the gallery
99.Peer’s exciting lot ?
100.Where women get the most support ?
101.Levitating, nodding dog ?
102.The Beatles cover Bob
103.Lamb dinner, fool !
104.Primitives No.5
105.Bloody stone !
106.That which, innit !
107.A set card
108.1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10
109.Blessed note
110.Speeding vehicle
111.A roundabout phrase
112.Nicotine cravings ?
114.Bring reason
115.Under what’s owing
116.A cleric with balls
118.Two fibs
119.Ship of teen-folk ?
120.Ear and Loving
121.Greek character (an ancient King) shuffles in bed areas
122.Nuts !
123.One walkway with short question
124.Insincere laugh, pal !
125.The secretary is French, ducky
126.A horn – dammit !
127.They come from a sun
128.Almost raw fish
129.Found between Control and a Lock
130.A pointless swap, I see
131.Autumn in New York (and it’s end)
132."Make love, R.N. girls !"
133.What posh people have in the middle of the day ?
134.A lad with vision ?
135.The place to go for corporal punishment
136.No! The size of mains TV…
137.Unreal ?
138.Tip your cap in the wetland
139.Mercurial protection
140.Trembling peepers
141.Meaty bird of prey
142.Steer clear of the fair
143.Er..renal mix-up ?
144.Ok – methodical time
145.Pulling back (unseen)
146.Come again ?
147.Debt in Royal Navy (initially)
148.Lots of ways from A to B
149.He’s a no-brainer ?
150.Shakes mat, plank, or wing ?
151.A drastic way to remove moles and growths…
152.Bruce Willis or Elijah Wood ?
153.What lambs do in spring-time
154.Where zombies play ?
156.A relative Saint (and letter five)
157.Whoever you play against…
158.Mogg raider ?
159.You find ’em washed up on beaches, sometimes
160.Another year…
161.Fruity snack bar
162.It’s a bit of an understatement about the Inferno
163.What a Bounty is ?
164.Crime story, ma !
165.Whiskey on the rocks (with no whiskey)
166.It’s shortened and eroded the front of the car, say
167.Quickly, before the spirit changes !
168.Essential part of an automated boot ?
170.It’s fatal to belong to a cult
171.Baffle the flames
172.Because it is Latin ?
173.A large bullet
174.Sacked garden tool
175.Electric Frenchman
176.Earnest Miss is heavenly
177.Wise-cracking friend
181.Speedy connection
182.Slap your mother, Ulee
183 Burn brandy
184.Hobbling ghost follows initial
185.No chairs for Messrs Richards and Watts ?
186.A mad lad loves fire-lore
187.A child’s security blanket
188.What a miliner needs to know
189.Villainy-noose ?
190.Stair mice
192.Shape of a spider is around
193.Horse chestnut
194.Ron likes it !
195.Crooked zipper ?
196.Father with ruffled hair
197.Two hidden randomizers
198.Monkey noises
199.There’s gold at the end of the river
200.Many nabobs
201.What injuries do…
202.I limp faster
203.Small vegetable & bovine
204.Metallic testament
205.Sounds like a lament for arsonists
207.Farm daily
208.Dark, muddled month
209.Assured without one
210.Decree !
212.Backwards row-boat
213.Dolphin with airs and graces
214.All’s fair now Mary loses role
215.Small, open wound
216.Not a pro release
217.Warming Mr Bradbury
218.Celebration of pie-eating ?
219.Danger – UVB
220.Pet exercisers
221.Dig, dig, dig…
222.All for the God-less Russian, yes ?

God Bless,

Tony Boydell