StarCityGames.com Announces Military Deferment Invite Policy

StarCityGames.com is giving its participants in the military a way to attend Invitationals that they would miss due to their service to the country. Here’s how you get it!

StarCityGames.com recognizes that many members of the military enjoy Magic: The Gathering and participate in our events. We also recognize that their service to the country can interfere with their ability to participate in Invitationals that they have qualified for. With that in mind, we allow any member of the military whose deployment would interfere with their ability to attend a StarCityGames.com Invitational to defer their qualifications until the end of their deployment. 

To request a military deferment, simply submit a copy of your deployment orders either in person at any StarCityGames.com event or by scanning the orders and sending them to [email protected]. From the date of deployment, you will then have fifteen (15) months to email [email protected] to request reinstatement or a further deferment by submitting additional deployment orders. Upon reinstatement, all deferred qualifications will immediately be restored, and those qualifications will be treated as if they were awarded on the date of reinstatement.

Best wishes,

Pete Hoefling
President, StarCityGames.com