SCG Daily – The Magic Show #10 – My Favorite Things

Evan completes his entertaining week of video articles with a look back at set reviews past… and some of the hideous evaluations made therein. Warning – This video may cause milk to squirt from your nose. (If you’re drinking milk, of course. If you’re not drinking milk, that’d just be wierd.)

Hello everybody. I hope you’ve enjoyed a whole week of The Magic Show. It’s been a lot of work (just ask my wife, who misses me these days), but a lot of fun. It’s a very tough format to use, but the rewards are fantastic.

So with this last show, there are no holds barred. I’m talking about two musical montages and jabs at old writers and their misleading ways. I even get around to making fun of myself in the process.

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, but go for it anyway:


A Word On How To Write Set Reviews via Ferrett

Mark Acheson, Onslaught review

Spencer Bogan, MTGPlanet Onslaught review

Oscar Tan, on Darksteel

Geordie Tait, Onslaught White Set Review

Nate Heiss, Mirrodin impressions:

Scott Johns, “Mirrodin’s Most Likely To Make An Impression

Nate Heiss, Top 10 Mirrodin Cards to Trade For

Iain Telfer, Darksteel Trader’s Guide

(That last one is a comedy goldmine. See the Sword of Fire and Ice/Light and Shadow review, for example)

Music Used:

Credits – “Waiting” by The Rentals
Time Warp – “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Time Spiral Green Set Review – “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen
Time Spiral montage – “Save Me” by Aimee Mann

Thanks again everybody, this was too much fun.

Evan “misterorange” Erwin
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This episode took 7 hours to produce 9 awesome minutes.