Noah Weil’s Super Duper Prerelease Announcement

Noah Weil has something to say and he wants y’all to listen, yo!

Kanoot here. I promised Noah that I’d finish editing his super-cool article for next week by Friday, but as you can see, we were overloaded with awesome content this week and I couldn’t get it up. On the site. The article… aaaanyway, because I owe Noah one and because I’m too pooped to finish his article and it deserves to be on Monday where it will be read, I only have this to say:

Go to the Seattle Prerelease. It will be awesome. Your friends will all be there, cool people will also be there, good times will be had there, and Noah Weil is the coolest guy on the whole freaking Earth. There, I said it. This is what Noah had to say about the prerelease in his awesome article (you know, the one you’ll all be reading on Monday):

My kudos once again go to Tony, who will also be head judging the Seattle PreRelease this weekend. Personally I might not be there. I might be Magiced out… But you won’t get the details on why exactly I’m Magiced out until Monday.