MTGCast #224 – Scarred for Life

Wednesday, September 15th – Scars of Mirrodin, SCG’s new article direction, Bram Snepvangers – this week’s podcast has it all!

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It’s a packed podcast with Tom, buttery-smooth Marcel, questionable Jack, and TheBeme from the
Mana Screwed podcast


We start off with the plethora of
Scars of Mirrodin previews
, including some pretty crazy angels, an “
Over the Top

Liege of the Tangle and more. We also discuss the big changes over on Star City Games regarding Premium articles, free articles, and the overall vision for their article content.

The math was re-visited on the Hall of Fame ballots, and
Bram Snepvangers is now in the Hall of Fame

— yeah!
Check out this fantastic article by
Dave Meeson about Tribal Myrs
this week; I love the interaction of Myr Galvanizer and Shared Discovery.
Martin Juza brings home Grand Prix Portland

in a field of nearly 1,400 players — and kudos to Ryan from
Limited Resources
, for getting 44th place!

What Have We Been Playing?

Marcel is back to Magic and having fun with classic White Weenie using Shadow and the various Swords (i.e. Sword of Fire and Ice) for nefarious means. Jack is continuing some EDH love. Tom gives a big shout-out to David and the crew from Jamestown, ND for all the awesome cards, the “Urine Trouble” DVD, and some good games. TheBeme shares the interesting multiplayer variant his local play group uses.

Listener Emails

We love them, we do. Here is the link to

. Behold the full
“Myr Crittersphere”

card art.

MTGCast News

We welcome

to the network — which looks at Cube drafting, tech, the local
midwest Magic scene and more! A huge thank you to
Comic Cosmos in Danville, Kentucky

for sponsoring our upcoming contest (hint: you
will be making new Duel Decks) by donating a From the Vault: Relics to give away! Tom has a
new Tribal Time with Time looking at Specters

and the deck name is S.T.D. (Specter Tribal Deck).

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