AuthorDave Meeson

A player, organizer, and writer, Dave Meeson has worn a lot of hats in the Magic world. And now he is adding Dear Azami author to his collection.

Tribal Thriftiness #132 – Holiday Gift Ideas

Friday, December 17th – Shopping for your favorite Magic player doesn’t mean you’re stuck buying playsets of Jaces. Dave provides you (or the people who shop for you) with some inexpensive gift ideas for the holiday season.

Tribal Thriftiness #131 – Elves

Monday, November 22nd – There’s only one upside to all of this holiday drift, and that’s that I can talk about the current Elves deck (a potentially great Constructed deck that’s actually fairly inexpensive) and stay somewhat seasonal! Yay!

Tribal Thriftiness #129 – Ablaze Of Glory

Friday, October 29th – Dave talks about his current pet card, Chandra Ablaze, and builds a budget deck in an attempt to channel her unbridled power by pairing her up with Pyromancer Ascension. Try it at SCG Standard Open: Charlotte!

Tribal Thriftiness #127 – Requiem for a Theme

Friday, September 17th – Standard’s about to rotate. Everything’s about to go kablooey. And, depending on how your last couple of years have gone, that could be a good thing or a bad thing… But I liked Jund.

Tribal Thriftiness #124 – Ascending to Mile-High Heights

Friday, August 20th – Dave is planning on playing a deck that costs under a hundred bucks at the Standard half of the StarCityGames.com Denver Open this weekend. A good cheap combo deck? Plus, Dave offers a little look around Denver. Your stomach will thank him later.