MTGCast #198 – Girls Don’t Know ‘Bout Mah Goats!

Wednesday, March 17th – In this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss the Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers, Corey Haim, foil Bloodbraid Elves, Grand Prix: Kuala Lumpur, and more!

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“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Hot news of the day is the 6 new pooled Rise of the Eldrazi spoilers giving us another huge Eldrazi and some new keywords, check out the MTGSalvation spoiler. Tom is also sad to see the passing of Corey Haim and recommends you check out License to Drive and Prayer of the Rollerboys for your Corey fix. Check out the WPN WWK “thank-you” playmats. Take a gander at the MTG Manga first posted a few weeks ago. Very cool April FNM foil promo of Bloodbraid Elf with new art. Woltereck and Bush Win the Indianapolis SCG Open, with record attendance for the Standard and Legacy portions (Standard Top deck lists, Legacy Top deck lists). Ding Leong Wins GP Kuala Lumpur (Standard with mono red) and a 8 year old makes Day 2 playing Jund! Check out a great article by Gavin on SCG looking at some of the “myths” surrounding the power of cards.

Listener Emails
We had some real awesome ones! Link to the article about Sorin. Rise of the Eldrazi booster pack images. Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3 about the almost-alternate card backs to Arabian Nights. Article on Affinity for Islands about the WWK playtest cards with card images. Link to the YouTube video of the intro for “Hawk the Slayer”.

MTGCast News
Kudos to all of our international listeners!

We are giving our WWK booster box give-away a revamp to make it easier to enter!
Contest: For the upcoming Planeswalker movie, pick a planeswalker and which actor or actress you would like to play them and why!
Prizes: 12 prize packs, each pack with 3 WWK boosters
Where: Post in the comments section or in this MTGCast thread.

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