MTGCast #186 – The Wrong Stuff

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Wednesday, December 23rd – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss Jace the Mind Sculptor, Grixis in Standard, EDH, and much more!

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MTGCast #186 – The Wrong Stuff
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic

We start off with our only Worldwake spoiler, Jace, the Mind Sculptor! The Worldwake fat pack images are up with some cool Jace art. See the pic of the Lacerator / Nighthawk promotional scoreboard life counter. Tom is quite excited for the new beta of MagicCards.info with a slew of new ways to fine-tune search results (MTGS thread). Check out the 50% off holiday promotion until 12/31 on the official RYZ wear MTG shoes, t-shirts and bags. Make sure to read Bennie Smith latest SCG article for some Tibor and Lumia EDH love.

What Have We Been Playing?
Greg is working on Grixis in Standard along with EDH. Steve and Tom continue to rock that EDH world with Jack and Eric getting back into the swing of things as life slows down a bit.

Listener Emails
Email us at [email protected]!
Lots of great emails and stories. Here is the link to cardkitty.com, the site with the down-right amazing customizable card art. Here is the pic of the Ron Jeremling and a link to the pro card of Jeroen Remie who has an uncanny resemblance.

MTGCast News
This is the last week to enter the “Create the missing Morphling contest” and we will close to new entries on Tuesday, December 29th. To enter, post your card in this MTGCast thread.

Tom is looking to see if interest in very short video reviews of MTG accessories and if you want your product reviewed, just send him an email at [email protected].

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