MTGCast #183 – Conley’s Manly Mutton-Chops!

Claim your territory at The 2009's State and Provincial Championships!
Wednesday, December 2nd – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss Worlds, disqualifications, EDH, and more!

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MTGCast #183 – Conley’s Manly Mutton-chops!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic
Tom is pumped to have Conley Woods back from Rome and he gives us the entire run down of Worlds including his standard deck, extended deck conundrums, the “behind the scenes” info on the disqualifications, overall disappointment in the food and more! Check out the links for the Vieques Island bioluminescent bay and a bit more info on Initial Rock. Here is a link to the Crossroad Hobbies store I visited in Dickinson, ND.

Here is an example of some manly mutton chops not too disimilar from Conley’s:

What Have We Been Playing?
Tom is excited to have his Experiment Kraj EDH deck finished! Conley is already looking ahead to States and Extended for GP: Oakland.

Listener Emails
Tons of great emails and already a few submissions for the “Create the Missing Morphling” contest.

MTGCast News
Since Tom had just gotten back from North Dakota (the coolest of all states), he will have the winner of the Video idea contest next week.

To make up for the delay and to celebrate Conley’s money-making at Worlds 2009, we are having another Zendikar booster box giveaway!
– Prizes: 12 prize packs of 3 Zendikar boosters
– Contest: Create one of the missing creatures in the “Morphling” cycle (i.e. Morphling, Torchling, Thornling) and we are open to the Black, White, Artifact, Planeswalker, hybrid mana, gold (hopefully five color).
– Where to submit: In the comment section, or preferably over in the MTGCast forum in the thread for episode 183.

– Need help with software to create a card mock-up? Check out the thread in the MTGCast forums.

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