MTGCast #180 – Moonwalking Ewoks and Dessert Pizza Perfection

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Wednesday, November 11th – On this week’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss Grand Prix: Paris, the theft of Rob Alexander’s binder, the Deck Builder’s Toolkit, the Magic Online Community Cup Challenge, and much more!

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MTGCast #180 – Moonwalking Ewoks and Dessert Pizza Perfection
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic

Check out the new Deck Builders Toolkit from WoTC to help new players get a basic collection along with some randomized elements. The name of the next large spring expansion has been revealed, Rise of the Eldrazi! Check out the playmats for the top 8 competitors at States. Congratulations to the Community for beating WoTC at their own game in the 2009 Magic Online Community Cup Challenge! Grand Prix: Paris was the largest magic tournament ever and also the scene of Rob Alexander having his binder of artist proofs stolen. A bunch of new information about Duels of the Planeswalkers seen in a press release today.

What Have We Been Playing?
Grand Prix Minneapolis this weekend, Tom and Steve will be there!

Listener Emails
We love ’em. Check out the Cattleman’s Steakhouse link, more information about the Hungry Bunny restaurant, the MTGO Tribal league at worldofkedoria.com and more information about the “new” Shandalar game.

MTGCast News
Make sure to email Tom if you are in Minneapolis this weekend for the grand prix. We need your ideas for content for the new video show, and we will give away a set of 4x commons / uncommons from Zendikar to a random entry thanks to Jason P at Team Proxy Games! New Tribal Time with Tom looking at a Warriors deck is up. And voicemails are back with our new number at 570-486-6637.

We are happy to announce our winners for the Zendikar Booster pack give-away! Winners, please email me your mailing address so I can send you your packs.
1) Queklain with Planar Pursuit
2) Richelieu with Base Camp

3) Tomstanderson with Kestrel of Harai
4) Toadisbest with Skillful Recruiter and Churning Landscape
5) Nanarchy with Ball of Death
6) aapicazo with Adventurer Delver
7) iPope with Adventurers’ Tavern
8) Sucros with Core of the Roil

9) James F with Megalithic Hedron
10) Kengy with Quickstep Trap
11) Dan with Together We Stand
12) Thomas with Shenanigans

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