MTGCast #172 – Kanye West has Super Haste!

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Wednesday, September 16th – On today’s edition of MTGCast, the guys discuss the possibility of Draft PTQs, Elder Dragon Highlander, and (of course) Zendikar, the best New Big Set of all time. Of all time!

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MTGCast #172 – Kanye West has Super Haste!
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

This Week in Magic

Today, there’s more info regarding possible draft PTQ’s from Scott Marshall (Level 4 DCI Judge and New TO for Colorado). Check out the european Day of Judgement promo give-away for Zendikar. Aaron Forysthe has a bunch of great magic news on his twitter feed.

Tom, Gavin, Jack and Steve all chime in on some key Zendikar picks including some EDH and 2HG gems like Felidar Sovereign and interesting new Ally cards like Turntimber Ranger along with our speculation on the newly hinted uncommon cycle of allied-color dual lands.

What Have We Been Playing?

More Planechase and Gavin has a blast at the Brian Baker Memorial Tournament.

Listener Emails
Tons of great stories and feedback, keep them coming! Here is the link to the magic art that a listener thought looked an awful lot like Mark Rosewater. Check out Beanman1000’s WBR casual angel deck and give some constructive feedback.

MTGCast News
You heard right, the Magic School Bus is back! Check out their latest episode and be prepared. Congratulations to the Mana Pool on coming up on their 100th episode! Tom is also looking for your ideas for the next give-away contest idea for the Zendikar booster box.

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