Mark My Words: Aluren Is Coming

#GPLouisville will feature the biggest Legacy metagame we’ve seen in ages! So will Miracles be the deck to beat? Will an unfair Storm strategy smoke the competition? Ross Merriam says you’re way off: There’s an archetype that’s been slowly getting better behind the scenes, and it will torch the unprepared!

For years, when Legacy Grand Prix came up, I was excited to battle in a format where I knew I’d have a significant edge on most of the field because the SCG Tour afforded me many more opportunities to play the format than the average competitive player. With the move away from Legacy and toward Modern, I find myself in a strange place for #GPLouisville.

My recent deck of choice in Legacy has been Storm, but the metagame has become increasingly hostile toward the deck. Miracles, a tough matchup, continues to maintain its status as the top deck in the format, and the most popular Delver variant, Grixis, poses an issue because it has both discard and counterspells in its disruption suite.

It’s fairly easy to prepare for one form of disruption, but when a deck can seamlessly incorporate multiple types, it’s tough to prepare for all the angles while keeping enough of the core engine together.

The Death and Taxes matchup has only gotten more difficult as that deck gains more tools, and Eldrazi is about as nightmarish as a matchup can get for anyone looking to cast Dark Ritual. So I find myself potentially looking for a new deck in format I haven’t played in months or meaningfully explored in even longer.

Fortunately, I have a well-defined type when it comes to Legacy. I like combo, and if possible I want to play with some creatures so that, on the off-chance my opponent stops my combo, I have a backup plan that is sure to be more robust than anyone gives it credit for. And even more fortunately, there’s a new deck on the block that fits this bill to a T: Aluren.

For those of you who either aren’t aware of this deck or are just in need of a refresher, Aluren is a combo deck built around its namesake card. The goal is to resolve Aluren with an Imperial Recruiter in hand, at which point you execute the following chain: