Is Robber of the Rich Red’s Thief of Sanity?

Preview season keeps rolling out impressive new cards, and one in particular has caught GerryT’s attention. Could this new thieving Rogue be the card advantage generator red decks need to make their mark in Throne of Eldraine Standard?

Is Robber of the Rich red’s Thief of Sanity? Let’s break it down:

  • At two mana (and with haste!), it’s much easier to get a hit in with
    Robber of the Rich than Thief of Sanity.
  • If Robber of the Rich connects and then dies, you need to attack with
    another Rogue to get your card.
  • What other Rogues exist in Throne of Eldraine Standard? Well, here
    are some of the “better” ones:

    Overall, it’s not an impressive list. Tin Street Dodger is passable in an
    aggressive deck, especially because it has haste.

    We don’t have access to a ton of different Rogues, and most of the ones we
    do have are mediocre. However, Rankle, Master of Pranks is a card that’s
    impressed me since day one, and I especially like how both of these cards
    play with each other.

    Rankle enjoys getting both players hellbent, but with Robber of the Rich,
    you can still have access to plenty of resources. Both are haste threats,
    so you’ll typically be able to push through a bunch of damage.

    There are obviously some downsides to Robber of the Rich.

  • Robber of the Rich is random and you can’t play lands off of it.
  • The 2/2 body doesn’t have evasion, so outside of that sneaky first hit
    you’ll probably get thanks to haste, it loses a lot of value after that.
    You will want some way to pump it or remove blockers.
  • When you’re playing against a control or midrange deck, hitting big
    control cards or spot removal probably won’t be great. However, those decks
    tend to pack plenty of planeswalkers and you should be able to make great
    use out of them.
  • In order for Robber of the Rich to get you card advantage, you need fewer
    cards in hand than your opponent. That should be relatively easy for a red
    deck, whether you’re a pure aggro deck or even a midrange deck playing
    against control. You may be card poor, but hopefully you’ll be tempo
  • Let’s each the rich.

    Many of the two color manabases are very poor at the moment. Unless you’re
    an enemy combination (or Knights and have access to Tournament Grounds),
    you only have shocklands to work with. I’m hoping for another cycle of dual
    lands, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Anyway, Rakdos Midrange is kind of my jam, and this version doesn’t
    disappoint. You have solid threats at each point on the curve (assuming you
    can cast them), great removal, some card advantage, and a lot of staying
    power. For a new Standard format, this is the type of deck I like to start

    Your sideboard options are also powerful. Theater of Horrors didn’t get
    much love last season, but I’m hoping that with a smaller Standard
    environment, cards like that can shine. Duress is an all-star, Flame Sweep
    checks most aggressive decks, and Chandra, Awakened Inferno gives you a
    trump for the control matchups.

    For pure aggression, there’s always Mono-Red.

    Red is significantly lacking in a Lightning Strike effect. We can maindeck
    Lava Coil in a creature-heavy format, but we might be better off leaning
    into the spectacle cards with things like Gingerbrute.

    This deck has a plethora of removal and a low mana curve, so Robber of the
    Rich should be able to consistently trigger. It’s matchup dependent for how
    helpful the extra cards are going to be, but Robber’s stats are just fine
    for what we’re doing here.

    Seven Dwarves aren’t bad, but I like the other two-drops more. You could
    build more of a midrange red deck, but this version seems solid.

    This deck seems solid. Your creatures are much stronger than Mono-Red’s and
    although you don’t have the late-game reach with Skewer the Critics and
    Slaying Fire, you get some heavy hitters and stronger removal. Cards like
    Knight of the Ebon Legion and Dreadhorde Butcher tend to get out of control

    Rankle, Master of Pranks seems better in an aggressive deck than a midrange
    one. You could be hellbent on Turn 4, getting in a hit for three and making
    your opponent discard. At that point, each ability on Rankle is quite good.
    You even have sacrifice fodder in Gutterbones and Dreadhorde Butcher.

    Overall, the more aggressive nature of the deck makes sense. Gutterbones
    and the lower curve is a welcome change.

    The vast majority of strong Gruul cards are fromRavnica Allegiance. Gruul will have plenty of options in Throne of Eldraine Standard, especially since it’s picking up some
    new toys! Gruul is mostly the same strategy and using many of the same
    cards we’ve seen before.

    Robber of the Rich into Gruul Spellbreaker into Questing Beast into Nissa,
    Who Shakes the World is a lot of haste and sure to keep your opponent on
    the backfoot. The removal is solid and you have planeswalkers to back up
    the aggression. To top it off, your sideboard cards are great. It’s similar
    to Rakdos Midrange and maybe even a bit stronger. I’d rather attack with
    Rankle, but if Gruul is stronger, I’m in.

    I would love to use Once Upon a Time to help find and play Gilded Goose on
    Turn 1, but with very few other ways of making Food, it doesn’t make sense.
    The Goose is on the sidelines for now, at least in any deck that doesn’t
    also contain Oko, Thief of Crowns.

    Again, the allied two-color manabases are so bad. Please, please, please
    give us additional dual lands.

    Initially, I was low on The Royal Scions, but alongside Dreadhorde Arcanist
    and Crackling Drake, I’m starting to see the upside. Arclight Phoenix might
    not be viable anymore, but with Opt getting reprinted, we can mimic the
    shell from last season rather effectively.

    Dreadhorde Arcanist and Robber of the Rich give you a pair of two-drops
    that are must answer threats, which is exactly what I want in a deck like
    this. There’s strong interaction in Izzet and plenty of card advantage.
    This is probably the list I’m least sure is correct, but we have the tools
    to make Izzet succeed, even if it doesn’t end up looking exactly like this.

    Pteramander and Light up the Stage would work well together, especially
    because you’d be able to flashback Light up the Stage with Dreadhorde
    Arcanist following a +2/+0 from The Royal Scions. But then you’re also
    exiling cards from your graveyard, making your Pteramanders worse.


    My favorite type of decks to play are aggressive-slanting decks with
    staying power that can shift into a control deck against other aggressive
    decks. Maybe we don’t have all the tools we need for that sort of strategy
    quite yet, but Robber of the Rich will be a vital tool either way.

    I can’t wait to connect with this card for the first time.