Inside The Magic Studio: Brian Braun-Duin Redux

Robert Martin returns Brian Braun-Duin to Inside The Magic Studio for a second visit now that he is the winner of Grand Prix Louisville and has accomplished a good deal of what he aspired to do very quickly.

  • We start the show talking all about Pro Tour Theros. There were many challenges for him in Dublin: Who did he test with? What were his expectations going into the event? Why he had a passport debacle (which is a great story)? What where his expectations going into the event?
  • The next part of the show, we talk about Grand Prix Louisville. Part of the challenge of playing at GP Louisville was that he came back on Tuesday from the Pro Tour; he worked until Friday night, and left for the GP then. He played Junk at the Pro Tour; we talked about his decision to switch to mono-black.
  • He also talks about Day One of the event and some unique reasons and matches that determined how he was going to make Day Two of the event.
  • In the Day Two conversation: we talk about how he felt going into Day Two, playing at the top tables with Brad Nelson and Todd Anderson both playing the same deck as BBD was playing.
  • Then we move onto the Top 8. I ask about him drawing him into the Top 8, playing against Brad Nelson in the quarterfinals, Alex Sittner in the semifinals, a game by game discussion of his championship match versus Jon Stern, and why he posed with the trophy with the Heisman pose?
  • We also talk about Star City Games Invitational (#SCGINVI) this weekend and what he plans to plans to play in both Standard and Legacy.
  • Brian wrote a great article this week regarding the Grand Prix
  • I was fortunate to have Brian on an earlier episode of Inside the Magic Studio. It’s really amazing to see how much can change for one person in such a short amount of time from that interview to this one. That interview gives a great background on why he successful at Pro Tour Theros and Grand Prix Louisville.
  • With a successful run at the Pro Tour and huge win at Grand Prix Louisville, the road for Brian Braun-Duin is going only up, and I hope you all can enjoy the ride. Brian has put in the work as a grinder and is starting seeing his hard work come to fruition; it’s what Magic is all about and why we play it.