Four-Color Opposition In Legacy

Want to play something different at the SCG Legacy Open in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend? Then take a look at Four-Color Opposition as Sam plays it on Magic Online!

A few months ago Drew Levin wrote about an Opposition deck that he and I had talked about, so I decided to stay away from the topic for a while. After my short and moderately successful stint with Bant, which I now believe to be poorly positioned because it can’t kill True-Name Nemesis, I’ve decided that I want to play black again. I don’t like playing Legacy without Cabal Therapy, and since I like playing fair, that leads me down a fairly narrow path.

I think Zombies still has issues with Deathrite Shaman, so today I’m going to explore something a little different:

I’m definitely a little light on graveyard hate.

Game 1 he should have played his Lion’s Eye Diamonds. He’d already seen discard, so holding them just didn’t make sense. That would have let him Flashback his Faithless Looting, which might have helped quite a bit. More importantly, he stacked his Bridge triggers wrong to only get one Zombie—it’s likely that I should have only chump blocked to kill one Bridge and not given him any Zombies, but it worked out because he ordered things wrong.

I’m used to having Goblin Bombardment in these spots to deal with all of their creatures. Without that, it’s really important to have more hate to win this matchup.

I’m not sure what to say about that match except that I love playing with four Thoughtseizes, Cabal Therapys, and Tidehollow Scullers.

Wow, I’m sorry—that was horrible. Game 1 I’m pretty sure I would’ve won if I’d just not skipped my turn, and game 3 I easily could have done basically anything differently to stay out of range of Price of Progress if I’d been thinking about it but just hadn’t played against those decks in way too long. Clearly it’s a card I should’ve had in mind as his only out since it’s not particularly unusual for that deck to play.

In game 2, I assume he was digging for Daze or Force of Will, found neither, and assumed I’d cast Batterskull. I’m not sure if I would have—it depends on what I drew—but I was likely winning either way if he conceded there.

I really should’ve just named Brainstorm with that first Cabal Therapy. That match was a little easier than I expected. I’m assuming that that deck is generally a little weak to Stoneforge Mystic, which is why people don’t play it much anymore.

Overall, I still love the discard package, and Lingering Souls and Stoneforge Mystic played well here. But I’m not sure the rest of this is the right support, though it could be close.