Drafting With Rich – Lorwyn/Lorwyn/Morningtide #9

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Thursday, April 3rd – Rich Hoaen is back! The renowned Canadian Limited maestro returns to bring us a Lorwyn/Lorwyn/Morningtide draft each day from the 8-4 queues of Magic Online. He takes us through each pick, from 1 to 45, and shares his thoughts on the draft and the games in both the article and the forums.


Pack 1:

Glimmerdust Nap Warren Pilferers Soulbright Flamekin Kithkin Daggerdare Surge of Thoughtweft Mulldrifter Needle Drop Soaring Hope Elvish Branchbender Wellgabber Apothecary Aquitect’s Will Hoarder’s Greed Lammastide Weave Sentry Oak Deathrender

Pick: Mulldrifter

Pack 2:

Herbal Poultice Kithkin Greatheart Oakgnarl Warrior Lash Out Hornet Harasser Deeptread Merrow Goldmeadow Harrier Judge of Currents Lace with Moonglove Blind-Spot Giant Exiled Boggart Prowess of the Fair Merrow Harbinger Brion Stoutarm

Pick: Lash Out

Pack 3:

Lowland Oaf Lignify Weed Strangle Kithkin Healer Deeptread Merrow Scarred Vinebreeder Springjack Knight Ponder Bog Hoodlums Protective Bubble Goldmeadow Stalwart Captivating Glance Guile

Pick: Guile

Pack 4:

Quill-Slinger Boggart Surge of Thoughtweft Cloudcrown Oak Tarfire Wanderer’s Twig Blind-Spot Giant Wellgabber Apothecary Gilt-Leaf Seer Boggart Birth Rite Turtleshell Changeling Pollen Lullaby Deeptread Merrow

Pick: Tarfire

Pack 5:

Kithkin Daggerdare Herbal Poultice Lowland Oaf Fistful of Force Fire-Belly Changeling Skeletal Changeling Aquitect’s Will Kinsbaile Skirmisher Vivid Grove Faerie Tauntings Windbrisk Heights

Pick: Fire-Belly Changeling

Pack 6:

Fistful of Force Soulbright Flamekin Glimmerdust Nap Ponder Heal the Scars Skeletal Changeling Shields of Velis Vel Fire-Belly Changeling Elvish Promenade Crush Underfoot

Pick: Soulbright Flamekin

Pack 7:

Mudbutton Torchrunner Springleaf Drum Oakgnarl Warrior Zephyr Net Bog Hoodlums Judge of Currents Inkfathom Divers Boggart Shenanigans Ego Erasure

Pick: Mudbutton Torchrunner

Pack 8:

Wanderer’s Twig Hornet Harasser Axegrinder Giant Footbottom Feast Elvish Branchbender Amoeboid Changeling Lace with Moonglove Merrow Harbinger

Pick: Amoeboid Changeling

Pack 9:

Glimmerdust Nap Kithkin Daggerdare Needle Drop Soaring Hope Aquitect’s Will Hoarder’s Greed Lammastide Weave

Pick: Glimmerdust Nap

Pack 10:

Herbal Poultice Oakgnarl Warrior Hornet Harasser Lace with Moonglove Exiled Boggart Prowess of the Fair

Pick: Hornet Harasser

Pack 11:

Kithkin Healer Springjack Knight Bog Hoodlums Protective Bubble Captivating Glance

Pick: Captivating Glance

Pack 12:

Quill-Slinger Boggart Wellgabber Apothecary Boggart Birth Rite Pollen Lullaby

Pick: Boggart Birth Rite

Pack 13:

Herbal Poultice Aquitect’s Will Faerie Tauntings

Pick: Aquitect’s Will

Pack 14:

Heal the Scars Shields of Velis Vel

Pick: Shields of Velis Vel

Pack 15:

Zephyr Net

Pick: Zephyr Net

Pack 16:

Runed Stalactite Nath’s Elite Neck Snap Sentinels of Glen Elendra Smokebraider Gilt-Leaf Ambush Moonglove Winnower Spellstutter Sprite Black Poplar Shaman Elvish Eulogist Wings of Velis Vel Knight of Meadowgrain Makeshift Mannequin Hoarder’s Greed Howltooth Hollow

Pick: Smokebraider

Pack 17:

Plover Knights Whirlpool Whelm Leaf Gilder Adder-Staff Boggart Wispmare Streambed Aquitects Faultgrinder Rootgrapple Goldmeadow Dodger Wings of Velis Vel Flamekin Brawler Merrow Reejerey Forge[/author]-Tender”]Burrenton [author name="Forge"]Forge[/author]-Tender Shapesharer

Pick: Shapesharer

Pack 18:

Battlewand Oak Hurly-Burly Paperfin Rascal Dreamspoiler Witches Boggart Forager Facevaulter Hunt Down Giant’s Ire Dawnfluke Goatnapper Guardian of Cloverdell Forge[/author]-Tender”]Burrenton [author name="Forge"]Forge[/author]-Tender Ashling’s Prerogative

Pick: Paperfin Rascal

Pack 19:

Consuming Bonfire Boggart Loggers Lys Alana Huntmaster Runed Stalactite Inner-Flame Acolyte Facevaulter Warren-Scourge Elf Blades of Velis Vel Cenn’s Heir Seedguide Ash Vivid Crag Militia’s Pride

Pick: Consuming Bonfire

Pack 20:

Kinsbaile Balloonist Inner-Flame Acolyte Peppersmoke Paperfin Rascal Nath’s Elite Caterwauling Boggart Goldmeadow Dodger Faerie Trickery Nightshade Stinger Blades of Velis Vel Elvish Harbinger

Pick: Inner-Flame Acolyte

Pack 21:

Leaf Gilder Boggart Sprite-Chaser Thieving Sprite Whirlpool Whelm Nath’s Buffoon Faultgrinder Rootgrapple Goldmeadow Dodger Lys Alana Scarblade Favor of the Mighty

Pick: Whirlpool Whelm

Pack 22:

Boggart Sprite-Chaser Oaken Brawler Smokebraider Fertile Ground Elvish Handservant Dawnfluke Broken Ambitions Nath’s Buffoon Eyes of the Wisent

Pick: Smokebraider

Pack 23:

Boggart Sprite-Chaser Boggart Loggers Ringskipper Black Poplar Shaman Shimmering Grotto Elvish Eulogist Giant’s Ire Entangling Trap

Pick: Giant’s Ire

Pack 24:

Nath’s Elite Moonglove Winnower Spellstutter Sprite Black Poplar Shaman Elvish Eulogist Hoarder’s Greed Howltooth Hollow

Pick: Nath’s Elite

Pack 25:

Adder-Staff Boggart Faultgrinder Goldmeadow Dodger Wings of Velis Vel Flamekin Brawler Forge[/author]-Tender”]Burrenton [author name="Forge"]Forge[/author]-Tender

Pick: Wings of Velis Vel

Pack 26:

Boggart Forager Facevaulter Hunt Down Giant’s Ire Dawnfluke

Pick: Giant’s Ire

Pack 27:

Facevaulter Warren-Scourge Elf Blades of Velis Vel Cenn’s Heir

Pick: Blades of Velis Vel

Pack 28:

Caterwauling Boggart Goldmeadow Dodger Nightshade Stinger

Pick: Caterwauling Boggart

Pack 29:

Nath’s Buffoon Goldmeadow Dodger

Pick: Nath’s Buffoon

Pack 30:


Pick: Dawnfluke

Pack 31:

Fencer Clique Changeling Sentinel Dewdrop Spy Reins of the Vinesteed Pack’s Disdain Sunflare Shaman Moonglove Changeling Luminescent Rain Ink Dissolver Frogtosser Banneret Mothdust Changeling Waterspout Weavers Bramblewood Paragon Sage’s Dousing Cream of the Crop

Pick: Sunflare Shaman

Pack 32:

Latchkey Faerie Pack’s Disdain Seething Pathblazer Burrenton Shield-Bearers Shard Volley Everbark Shaman Shinewend Merrow Witsniper Morsel Theft Stingmoggie Wandering Graybeard Oona’s Blackguard Veteran’s Armaments Vengeful Firebrand

Pick: Shard Volley

Pack 33:

Elvish Warrior Dewdrop Spy Earthbrawn Fire Juggler Weed-Pruner Poplar War-Spike Changeling Stonybrook Schoolmaster Negate Prickly Boggart Rivals’ Duel Sage of Fables Redeem the Lost Borderland Behemoth

Pick: War-Spike Changeling

Pack 34:

Fertilid Burrenton Bombardier Disperse Brighthearth Banneret Blightsoil Druid Forfend Mudbutton Clanger Deglamer Ink Dissolver Oona’s Blackguard Warren Weirding Greatbow Doyen

Pick: Brighthearth Banneret

Pack 35:

Seething Pathblazer Final-Sting Faerie Latchkey Faerie Lunk Errant Order of the Golden Cricket Coordinated Barrage Merrow Witsniper Blightsoil Druid Kindled Fury Bosk Banneret Stomping Slabs

Pick: Latchkey Faerie

Pack 36:

Burrenton Shield-Bearers Fencer Clique Lunk Errant Stream of Unconsciousness Deglamer Forfend Floodchaser Kindled Fury Rivals’ Duel Offalsnout

Pick: Fencer Clique

Pack 37:

Disperse War-Spike Changeling Moonglove Changeling Changeling Sentinel Mothdust Changeling Pulling Teeth Roar of the Crowd Diviner’s Wand Walker of the Grove

Pick: War-Spike Changeling

Pack 38:

Final-Sting Faerie Fire Juggler Squeaking Pie Grubfellows Frogtosser Banneret Mosquito Guard Roar of the Crowd Stinkdrinker Bandit Graceful Reprieve

Pick: Roar of the Crowd

Pack 39:

Dewdrop Spy Reins of the Vinesteed Luminescent Rain Ink Dissolver Frogtosser Banneret Waterspout Weavers Cream of the Crop

Pick: Dewdrop Spy

Pack 40:

Burrenton Shield-Bearers Everbark Shaman Shinewend Merrow Witsniper Morsel Theft Stingmoggie

Pick: Stingmoggie

Pack 41:

Dewdrop Spy Fire Juggler Negate Prickly Boggart Redeem the Lost

Pick: Dewdrop Spy

Pack 42:

Fertilid Forfend Mudbutton Clanger Deglamer

Pick: Fertilid

Pack 43:

Lunk Errant Kindled Fury Stomping Slabs

Pick: Lunk Errant

Pack 44:

Lunk Errant Forfend

Pick: Lunk Errant

Pack 45:

Pulling Teeth

Pick: Pulling Teeth

Final Decklist:


8 Island
9 Mountain
1 Tarfire
1 Shard Volley
1 Amoeboid Changeling
1 Fire-Belly Changeling
1 Lash Out
1 Shapesharer
2 Smokebraider
1 Soulbright Flamekin
1 Whirlpool Whelm
1 Wings of Velis Vel
1 Brighthearth Banneret
1 Sunflare Shaman
1 Inner-Flame Acolyte
1 Mudbutton Torchrunner
1 Dewdrop Spy
1 Fencer Clique
1 Latchkey Faerie
2 War-Spike Changeling
1 Consuming Bonfire
1 Mulldrifter
1 Guile


1 Aquitect’s Will
1 Blades of Velis Vel
1 Boggart Birth Rite
1 Captivating Glance
1 Caterwauling Boggart
1 Dawnfluke
1 Dewdrop Spy
1 Fertilid
2 Giant’s Ire
1 Glimmerdust Nap
1 Hornet Harasser
2 Lunk Errant
1 Nath’s Buffoon
1 Nath’s Elite
1 Paperfin Rascal
1 Pulling Teeth
1 Roar of the Crowd
1 Shields of Velis Vel
1 Stingmoggie
1 Zephyr Net

2nd Pick: Brion is the most powerful card here but I couldn’t take it because of the colors. The Harrier or Harbinger is generally a better fit with my first pick but Lash Out is simply much more powerful than them and it leaves me in a position where I can either splash it or the Mulldrifter.

8th Pick: I think I’d take the Harbinger earlier but the way this deck was shaping up the Changeling looked like it was going to be a much better fit since I wouldn’t have any Merfolk I want to search for.

16th Pick: I’m generally not a big fan of Smokebraider but since the Sentinels weren’t very exciting it was the only pick for me.

17th Pick: I really wasn’t sure about this one. Neither of the Merfolk cards seemed good in my deck and although Shapesharer definitely isn’t a bomb it had potential because of my Ameboid Changeling and Smokebraider to fuel it.

31st Pick: I wasn’t too happy about first picking this guy but I figured if I did I’d get a good Blue card back.

35th Pick: I actually wanted the Pathblazer more but I figured I’d get a couple of them later.

This deck looks pretty mediocre to me. I’ve got some removal and a huge guy but as usual Smokebraiders fail to excite me. You either have to play bad cards to make them good or have the absolute perfect deck neither of which are realistic options.

In the first round I played against a solid Treefolk deck. I won the first game by getting maximum value out of Shapesharer. I drew six spells and twelve lands but I was able to hold him off with the combination of Shapesharer War-Spike Changeling Ameboid Changeling and Smokebraider. Eventually I drew into Guile but I still couldn’t attack into his army of elves and treefolk. I was finally able to attack when he Makeshift Mannequined his Nath’s Elite which I killed with Shapesharer then I blocked as much as I could and attacked back with 4 Guiles. Game 2 his draw was slow and my Fire-belly Changeling did about fifteen damage since I drew all of my removal spells to back it up and finished him off with Sunflare Shaman.

In round 2 I played a fast Red White deck without any real tribal affiliation. We had a very long drawn out first game that ended in a draw thanks to his Ashling the Pilgrim. He conceded the second game on turn 3 when I hard Tarfire for his changeling which meant his Boggart-Sprite Chaser no longer had flying and was blocked by my 3/3. In the next game his draw was slow and I drew all of my flyers as well as a Red spell for his Ashling.

I split the finals.

Until tomorrow


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