Drafting With Rich #21

Back on the mean streets of Ravnica, we continue Rich Hoaen’s excellent step-by-step drafting series. As usual, Rich shares each and every pick from an RGD draft, from one to forty-five, then gives us a brief overview of his deck and final performance. For a more detailed deconstruction, visit the forums! Rich will be back tomorrow with a detailed overview analysis article examining the results from the first fifteen drafts in the series… be sure to tune in!


Pack 1:

Selesnya Sanctuary, Wojek Siren, Terraformer, Ordruun Commando, Nightguard Patrol, Muddle the Mixture, Conclave’s Blessing, Dimir Infiltrator, Necromantic Thirst, Galvanic Arc, Elves of Deep Shadow, Putrefy, Indentured Oaf, Svogthos, the Restless Tomb, Cloudstone Curio

Pick: Galvanic Arc

Pack 2:

Roofstalker Wight, Torpid Moloch, Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi, Boros Fury-Shield, Vedalken Dismisser, Dryad’s Caress, Caregiver, Drake Familiar, Peel from Reality, Shambling Shell, Fiery Conclusion, Darkblast, Stoneshaker Shaman, Sins of the Past

Pick: Vedalken Dismisser

Pack 3:

Terraformer, Consult the Necrosages, Barbarian Riftcutter, Incite Hysteria, Scatter the Seeds, Smash, Golgari Brownscale, Conclave’s Blessing, Selesnya Signet, Veteran Armorer, Carven Caryatid, Festival of the Guildpact, Pariah’s Shield

Pick: Veteran Armorer

Pack 4:

Boros Garrison, Tattered Drake, Fists of Ironwood, War-Torch Goblin, Thoughtpicker Witch, Goblin Fire Fiend, Sundering Vitae, Conclave Equenaut, Recollect, Wojek Apothecary, Golgari Germination, Loxodon Gatekeeper

Pick: Loxodon Gatekeeper

Pack 5:

Courier Hawk, Stasis Cell, Guardian of Vitu-Ghazi, Fists of Ironwood, Tidewater Minion, Zephyr Spirit, Lurking Informant, Surge of Zeal, Fiery Conclusion, Greater Forgeling, Privileged Position

Pick: Fiery Conclusion

Pack 6:

Consult the Necrosages, Barbarian Riftcutter, Goblin Fire Fiend, Perplex, Gate Hound, Selesnya Evangel, Chant of Vitu-Ghazi, Duskmantle, House of Shadow, Selesnya Sagittars, Hunted Horror

Pick: Selesnya Evangel

Pack 7:

Tattered Drake, Mortipede, Dogpile, Infectious Host, Rally the Righteous, Suppression Field, Wizened Snitches, Peregrine Mask, Autochthon Wurm

Pick: Rally the Righteous

Pack 8:

Dogpile, Wojek Siren, Vedalken Entrancer, Leave No Trace, Zephyr Spirit, Boros Recruit, Boros Signet, Leashling

Pick: Boros Signet

Pack 9:

Wojek Siren, Ordruun Commando, Muddle the Mixture, Conclave’s Blessing, Necromantic Thirst, Svogthos, the Restless Tomb, Cloudstone Curio

Pick: Ordruun Commando

Pack 10:

Torpid Moloch, Boros Fury-Shield, Dryad’s Caress, Caregiver, Drake Familiar, Stoneshaker Shaman

Pick: Boros Fury-Shield

Pack 11:

Barbarian Riftcutter, Incite Hysteria, Smash, Conclave’s Blessing, Pariah’s Shield

Pick: Barbarian Riftcutter

Pack 12:

Goblin Fire Fiend, Sundering Vitae, Wojek Apothecary, Golgari Germination

Pick: Sundering Vitae

Pack 13:

Stasis Cell, Zephyr Spirit, Surge of Zeal

Pick: Stasis Cell

Pack 14:

Goblin Fire Fiend, Gate Hound

Pick: Gate Hound

Pack 15:

Infectious Host

Pick: Infectious Host

Pack 16:

Crystal Seer, Silhana Ledgewalker, Restless Bones, Petrahydrox, Gigadrowse, Douse in Gloom, Izzet Signet, Ghor-Clan Savage, Streetbreaker Wurm, Bloodscale Prowler, Infiltrator’s Magemark, Izzet Guildmage, Aetherplasm, Daggerclaw Imp, Ghost Council of Orzhova

Pick: Izzet Guildmage

Pack 17:

Benediction of Moons, Silhana Ledgewalker, Mourning Thrull, Train of Thought, Restless Bones, Fencer’s Magemark, Silhana Starfletcher, Pyromatics, Orzhov Basilica, Steamcore Weird, Izzet Guildmage, Predatory Focus, Hypervolt Grasp, Cerebral Vortex

Pick: Steamcore Weird

Pack 18:

Repeal, Scab-Clan Mauler, Izzet Boilerworks, Ghost Warden, Orzhov Euthanist, Cry of Contrition, Beastmaster’s Magemark, Izzet Chronarch, Skyrider Trainee, Gigadrowse, Primeval Light, Exhumer Thrull, Gruul War Plow

Pick: Izzet Boilerworks

Pack 19:

Castigate, Orzhov Signet, Necromancer’s Magemark, Wild Cantor, Cremate, Gruul Nodorog, Petrahydrox, Guardian’s Magemark, Gigadrowse, Aetherplasm, Predatory Focus, Order of the Stars

Pick: Orzhov Signet

Pack 20:

Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Cremate, Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Benediction of Moons, Tin Street Hooligan, Gruul Scrapper, Gruul Turf, Absolver Thrull, Revenant Patriarch, Battering Wurm, Killer Instinct

Pick: Tin Street Hooligan

Pack 21:

Repeal, Ghost Warden, Orzhov Euthanist, Wee Dragonauts, Runeboggle, Gruul Nodorog, Fencer’s Magemark, Leap of Flame, Drowned Rusalka, Cryptwailing

Pick: Ghost Warden

Pack 22:

Skarrgan Pit-Skulk, Lionheart Maverick, Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Crystal Seer, Castigate, Necromancer’s Magemark, Drowned Rusalka, Feral Animist, Droning Bureaucrats

Pick: Droning Bureaucrats

Pack 23:

Withstand, Gruul Scrapper, Gruul Signet, Runeboggle, Cry of Contrition, Tin Street Hooligan, Lionheart Maverick, Martyred Rusalka

Pick: Withstand

Pack 24:

Crystal Seer, Silhana Ledgewalker, Petrahydrox, Gigadrowse, Bloodscale Prowler, Infiltrator’s Magemark, Aetherplasm

Pick: Bloodscale Prowler

Pack 25:

Benediction of Moons, Silhana Ledgewalker, Restless Bones, Fencer’s Magemark, Predatory Focus, Cerebral Vortex

Pick: Cerebral Vortex

Pack 26:

Beastmaster’s Magemark, Skyrider Trainee, Gigadrowse, Primeval Light, Gruul War Plow

Pick: Skyrider Trainee

Pack 27:

Necromancer’s Magemark, Gruul Nodorog, Gigadrowse, Aetherplasm

Pick: Aetherplasm

Pack 28:

Burning-Tree Bloodscale, Cremate, Benediction of Moons

Pick: Burning-Tree Bloodscale

Pack 29:

Drowned Rusalka, Cryptwailing

Pick: Drowned Rusalka

Pack 30:

Lionheart Maverick

Pick: Lionheart Maverick

Pack 31:

Azorius Signet, Simic Ragworm, Steeling Stance, Wrecking Ball, Sandstorm Eidolon, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Haazda Exonerator, Delirium Skeins, Kill-Suit Cultist, Azorius First-Wing, Simic Initiate, Fertile Imagination, Sky Hussar, Weight of Spires, Odds / Ends

Pick: Sky Hussar

Pack 32:

Kill-Suit Cultist, Street Savvy, Azorius First-Wing, Writ of Passage, Vesper Ghoul, Demon’s Jester, Ocular Halo, Aquastrand Spider, Freewind Equenaut, Azorius Chancery, Psychotic Fury, Leafdrake Roost, Crypt Champion, Flash Foliage

Pick: Freewind Equenaut

Pack 33:

Cytospawn Shambler, Simic Signet, Seal of Fire, Enemy of the Guildpact, Riot Spikes, Taste for Mayhem, Simic Initiate, Vigean Hydropon, Nettling Curse, Rise / Fall, Bond of Agony, Jagged Poppet, Protean Hulk

Pick: Seal of Fire

Pack 34:

Beacon Hawk, Overrule, Utvara Scalper, Plumes of Peace, Soulsworn Jury, Vision Skeins, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Minister of Impediments, Azorius Signet, Azorius Herald, Plaxmanta, Vigean Intuition

Pick: Minister of Impediments

Pack 35:

Verdant Eidolon, Silkwing Scout, Macabre Waltz, Coiling Oracle, Taste for Mayhem, Street Savvy, Vigean Hydropon, Beacon Hawk, Azorius Aethermage, Flaring Flame-Kin, Muse Vessel

Pick: Silkwing Scout

Pack 36:

Shielding Plax, Vesper Ghoul, Enigma Eidolon, Valor Made Real, Nettling Curse, Entropic Eidolon, Simic Signet, Ogre Gatecrasher, Brace for Impact, Vigean Graftmage

Pick: Ogre Gatecrasher

Pack 37:

Carom, Vision Skeins, Riot Spikes, Soulsworn Jury, Enemy of the Guildpact, Utvara Scalper, Thrive, Rix Maadi, Dungeon Palace, Slithering Shade

Pick: Carom

Pack 38:

Shielding Plax, Whiptail Moloch, Writ of Passage, Plumes of Peace, Verdant Eidolon, Psychotic Fury, Skyscribing, Brain Pry

Pick: Plumes of Peace

Pack 39:

Steeling Stance, Sandstorm Eidolon, Slaughterhouse Bouncer, Haazda Exonerator, Delirium Skeins, Fertile Imagination, Weight of Spires

Pick: Steeling Stance

Pack 40:

Kill-Suit Cultist, Street Savvy, Azorius First-Wing, Writ of Passage, Psychotic Fury, Flash Foliage

Pick: Azorius First-Wing

Pack 41:

Taste for Mayhem, Vigean Hydropon, Nettling Curse, Bond of Agony, Jagged Poppet

Pick: Jagged Poppet

Pack 42:

Overrule, Utvara Scalper, Soulsworn Jury, Vision Skeins

Pick: Soulsworn Jury

Pack 43:

Taste for Mayhem, Street Savvy, Vigean Hydropon

Pick: Vigean Hydropon

Pack 44:

Valor Made Real, Nettling Curse

Pick: Nettling Curse

Final Decklist:


1 Boros Fury-Shield
1 Droning Bureaucrats
1 Ghost Warden
1 Loxodon Gatekeeper
1 Veteran Armorer
1 Withstand
1 Carom
1 Freewind Equenaut
1 Steamcore Weird
1 Vedalken Dismisser
1 Silkwing Scout
1 Bloodscale Prowler
1 Fiery Conclusion
1 Galvanic Arc
1 Ordruun Commando
1 Seal of Fire
1 Ogre Gatecrasher
1 Cerebral Vortex
1 Izzet Guildmage
1 Azorius First-Wing
1 Minister of Impediments
1 Plumes of Peace
1 Sky Hussar
4 Island
1 Izzet Boilerworks
4 Mountain
7 Plains
1 Boros Signet


1 Aetherplasm
1 Barbarian Riftcutter
1 Burning-Tree Bloodscale
1 Drowned Rusalka
1 Gate Hound
1 Infectious Host
1 Jagged Poppet
1 Lionheart Maverick
1 Nettling Curse
1 Orzhov Signet
1 Rally the Righteous
1 Selesnya Evangel
1 Skyrider Trainee
1 Soulsworn Jury
1 Stasis Cell
1 Steeling Stance
1 Sundering Vitae
1 Tin Street Hooligan
1 Utvara Scalper
1 Vigean Hydropon

I split the finals of this draft after two fairly easy rounds because I drew my mana well and had Loxodon Gatekeeper on turn 3 or 4 a couple of times. The second pack was a bit disappointing, and it took me a little too long to figure out what my main two colors were, so the deck probably could have been better.

Until tomorrow,


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