Daily Financial Value Of Theros (9/17)

Today Ben Bleiweiss goes over the foil cards in Theros that will have exceptional value. Be sure to check back here on Friday for his Financial Value Of Theros Cheat Sheet!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the penultimate Financial Value Of Theros article! Today I’m going to go over the foil cards in this set that will have exceptional value. What do I mean by exceptional value? A typical "good" foil goes for about twice the price of the non-foil version. I want to single out the foils that will hold value three times-plus more of the non-foil version of the card in the long term.

R = Regular Version
F = Foil Version


Annul (R: $0.15 | F: $1) – The Mirrodin version sells for a solid $1 and spiked towards $2 back when Mirrodin was tournament-legal.

Lightning Strike (R: $0.50 | F $3)Searing Spear hit $4, but it was an M13 foil (so in a shorter print run). Lightning Strike will still have a high value, but it should peak at the $3 it’s currently at.

Mnemonic Wall (R: $0.25 | F $1) – The Rise of the Eldrazi version of this card sells for a solid $2.

Nylea’s Presence (R: $0.25 | F: $1) – Reminiscent of Abundant Growth ($1 foil). Probably has more casual appeal (due to helping domain strategies) but less tournament appeal (since it costs two mana instead of one).

Omenspeaker (R: $0.25 | F: $2)Augur of Bolas hit a high of $8 but usually lurked in the $5-$6 range. Omenspeaker is a (subjectively) worse Augur of Bolas but is also a common (versus Augur of Bolas being an uncommon) and is from a much-printed set (Theros) versus a less-printed set (M13). Omenspeaker might hit $3 but probably should stick around $2.

Read the Bones (R: $0.25 | F: $2) – Potentially going to be the preeminent small card-draw card in Standard. Might have a more upward ceiling of $3-$4 if Mono-Black Control becomes a thing.

Voyage’s End (R: $0.25 | F: $1)Vapor Snag topped out at $5 but generally settled at $3 for most of the time it was popular in Standard. Voyage’s End is very similar to Vapor Snag in power level (better after effect but one more mana to cast). I believe foil Voyage’s End should hit $2 shortly after release.


Dissolve (R:$1 | F: $4)Foil Dissipate hit a high of $6. Dissipate also settled down at around $4 for the Innistrad foil version for most of the past two years. Dissolve should follow the same price trajectory.

Magma Jet (R: $2| F: $6) – Foil Fifth Dawn Magma Jet is $8, and FNM foil Magma Jet is $6. There’s a very strong precedent for this card to have a floor of $6, but it might have a ceiling of $10 if it sees a lot of Standard play the second time it’s Standard-legal.

Nemesis of Mortals (R: $1 | F: $4) – My personal pick. Ignore this if you don’t like going out on a limb. :)

Rescue from the Underworld (R: $0.50 | F: $2) – Might be the sleeper foil of the set for Constructed play. Will see a lot of play in Commander. Would pick these up, and think they can only go up.

Spellheart Chimera (R: $1 | F: $4) – Trample pushes this over the edge into tournament-playable. Should see a bunch of play in Standard and potentially Modern over the next year.

Tormented Hero (R: $0.50 | F: $2) – A 2/1 for one mana, so should be a solid bet at $2 as an uncommon foil.


Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx (R: $10 | F: $25) – I expect the regular version to drop to the $6-$8 range, but the foil version should stick around $20 due to interest in both Standard and Commander.

Swan Song (R: $5 | F: $15) – Legacy play will boost the foil price of this card.



See you all on Friday for the full Cheat Sheet and to give my final thoughts about the financial value of Theros!

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