Daily Financial Value Of Magic Origins – July 3rd

With the full set spoiler out, Ben wraps up his Daily Financial Value series with the last two rares a complete look at the set’s commons and uncommons that will be worth picking up in foil!

Here’s the last Daily Financial Value of Magic Origins article! In today’s article I’ll be discussing the last two rares spoiled (hint: One of them is among the top five cards in the set!). I’ll then talk about noteworthy foil cards, with a focus on Commons/Uncommons that are going to pull a premium value!

How I Review:

Starting Price : The first price we assign to this card as a preorder.

Current Price : The current price of the card by the time this article goes live.

Future Price – Short Term : The price I believe this card will be at before Magic Online redemptions go live for Magic Origins.

Future Price – Medium Term : The price I believe this card will be at by the time the next set (Battle for Zendikar) comes out.

Future Price – Long Term : The price I believe this card will be at a year from now when the first set of the second block of next year is released! (The one that is the block AFTER Battle for Zendikar block).

Orbs of Warding

Rarity: Rare

Starting Price: $1

Current Price: $1

Future Price (Short Term): $0.50

Future Price (Medium Term): $0.50

Future Price (Long Term): $0.50

A decent Commander card, but a little too expensive for tournament play. Foil versions might carry a premium, but the regular version should end up being bulk price.

Sword of the Animist

Rarity: Rare

Starting Price: $5

Current Price: $5

Future Price (Short Term): $10

Future Price (Medium Term): $15

Future Price (Long Term): $10

I think that Sword of the Animist will end up being one of the top cards in this set. The card and mana advantage that Sword of the Animist can (and likely will) generate over the course of the game is absolutely off-the-charts: for two mana each turn (at worst), your creatures get Rampant Growth each turn.

The two reasons I think this card is going to be a chase rare:

  • It triggers on attacking. Usually cards with this type of effect only trigger on dealing combat damage (see: Sword of Fire and Ice-type effects). This also makes me even closer to 100% certain that Landfall will return in Battle for Zendikar. This is a way to trigger Landfall with an attacking creature without having to connect – you get the effect up-front, when it’s relevant for your attacking creature.
  • It’s major card advantage. Even if you don’t get it going before turn four, you’ll still end up getting an extra land a turn for the rest of the game. And this land goes straight onto the battlefield – it’s not like it goes to your hand and counts towards your one-land-a-turn limit.

Long story short – while this isn’t on the power level of things like Umezawa’s Jitte or the Elemental swords, I do think that this is right at the next tier under those in power level. All of those cards held a very high value when in Standard, and I see no reason why Sword of the Animist wouldn’t as well.

Changes Since The Last Article

Erebos’s Titan: From $5 to $12.50. Demand is huge on this card.

Evolutionary Leap: From $2 to $7 – Going for $8+ on Ebay right now. People are genuinely excited about this for Modern play to combine with stuff like Kitchen Finks.

Nissa’s Revelation: From $1.50 to $1 – meeting demand/market price.

Pack Value

To determine the value of a booster pack, I’m going to start with the following formula:

(2R + 1M)/126.

The formula has changed slightly because of Wizards including 16 Mythics and 55 Rares in the set. This isn’t a significant change, but it does move the math by a few percentage points.

All 55 Rares have been spoiled. Here are the ones that are $2 and up! (* = REPRINT)

Abbot of Keral Keep: $3
Animist’s Awakening: $5
* Battlefield Forge: $2
* Caves of Koilos: $2
Dark Petition: $4
Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen: $2.50
Evolutionary Leap: $7
Exquisite Firecraft: $4
Gilt-Leaf Winnower: $2
* Goblin Piledriver: $15
Hallowed Moonlight: $5
Hangarback Walker: $2
Harbinger of the Tides: $5
Herald of the Pantheon: $3
Honored Hierarch: $6
Infinite Obliteration: $3
* Knight of the White Orchid: $3
Languish: $7.50
* Llanowar Wastes: $2
Managorger Hydra: $3
Mizzium Meddler: $2
Molten Vortex: $3
Pia and Kiran Nalaar: $3
Relic Seeker: $3
Scab-Clan Berserker: $2
* Shivan Reef: $2
* Sigil of the Empty Throne – $2
Sword of the Animist – $5
Talent of the Telepath: $2
Vryn Wingmare: $3
* Yavimaya Coast: $2
Total Rare Value: $115

All 16 Mythic Rares have been spoiled!

Alhammarret’s Archive: $8
Archangel of Tithes: $20
Avaricious Dragon: $10
Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh | Chandra, Roaring Flame: $12
Day’s Undoing: $20
Demonic Pact: $5
Disciple of the Ring: $5
Erebos’s Titan: $12.50
Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy | Jace, Telepath Unbound: $20
Kytheon, Hero of Akros | Gideon, Battle-Forged: $25
Liliana, Heretical Healer | Liliana, Defiant Necromancer: $25
Nissa, Vastwood Seer | Nissa, Sage Animist: $20
Pyromancer’s Goggles: $6
Starfield of Nyx: $8
Woodland Bellower: $8
Total Mythic Value: $204.50

So plugging this into the formula, we get the following:

(2R ($115) + 1M ($204.50) ) = $434.50

$434.50/126 = $3.45 value per pack, or $124.20 per box.

There are also quite a few Commons and Uncommons of note in this set. It’s rare for a Common to hit a premium value in a newly-released set (Treasure Cruise is the last one I can think of). Let me discuss the FOIL Commons I believe will hold $1+ value at set release. BOLD = Room to Grow!

Artificer’s Ephiphany: $1
Calculated Dismissal: $1
Celestial Flare: $1
Dragon Fodder: $1
Elvish Visionary: $1
Evolving Wilds: $1
Fiery Impulse: $2
Infectious Bloodlust: $1
Negate: $1
Nissa’s Pilgrimage: $2
Read the Bones: $2
Reave Soul: $1
Smash to Smithereens: $2
Suppression Bonds: $1

FOIL Uncommons that are going to start at $2+. (Ones that I feel have room for growth in BOLD):

Blood-Cursed Knight: $2
Bounding Krasis: $4
Chief of the Foundry: $3
Clash of Wills: $3
Dwynen’s Elite: $3
Eyeblight Massacre: $2
Fleshbag Marauder: $2
Foundry of the Consuls: $2
Gather the Pack: $2
Gnarlroot Trapper: $3
Goblin Glory Chaser: $2
Iroas’s Champion: $2
Jhessian Thief: $2
Magmatic Insight: $4
Malakir Cullblade: $2
Ravaging Blaze: $2
Rogue’s Passage: $2
Shadows of the Past: $2
Shaman of the Pack: $5
Sphinx’s Tutelage: $2
Swift Reckoning: $2
Sylvan Messenger: $4

See everyone a week from Monday, when I discuss that B&R updates (assuming there are any!)