Daily Financial Value Of Journey Into Nyx (4/16)

Check out the latest installment in Magic finance guru Ben Bleiweiss’ Daily Financial Value Of Journey Into Nyx article series!

We’re almost done with the Financial Value Of Journey Into Nyx! Two more rares were spoiled overnight.

Side Note: My Building On My Budget (or BOMB, if you will) column will be going on hiatus the next two weeks while I concentrate on the Daily Financial Value column. Don’t worry—I have a humdinger (yes, I said humdinger) of a column planned for the return of BOMB!

How I review:

Starting Price: The first price we assign to the card as a preorder.
Current Price: The current price of the card by the time this article goes live.
Future Price (Short Term): The price I believe the card will be at before Magic Online redemptions go live for Born of the Gods.
Future Price (Medium Term): The price I believe the card will be at by the time the next set (M15) comes out.
Future Price (Long Term): The price I believe the card will be at a year from now when the next spring set is released (name unknown still, but probably [Something] of Khanar).

Aegis of the Gods

Starting Price: $3

Current Price: $3

Future Price (Short Term): $4

Future Price (Medium Term): $3

Future Price (Long Term): $3

True Believer, but with some twists.

Pros to True Believer: Two toughness, less easy to remove (not an enchantment). 

Pros to Aegis of the Gods: Tutorable (Enlightened Tutor), triggers constellation/enchantress, easily splashable, hexproof is a strictly better ability than shroud.

In the end, my belief is that Aegis of the Gods is a better card than True Believer, even if it is more fragile. I think it will see play in three formats, though more as a sideboard card than a maindeck threat. This will help arrest its value.

Harness by Force

Starting Price: $1

Current Price: $1

Future Price (Short Term): $0.75

Future Price (Medium Term): $0.50

Future Price (Long Term):$0.50

Threaten has seen play in certain Standard metagames, as have Act of Aggression and Zealous Conscripts. Harness by Force is almost strictly better than Threaten for base red decks (the RR mana cost won’t matter if you’re primarily red), making this a solid contender for fringe playable in Standard.

Changes In Value Since Yesterday


Pack Value

To determine the value of a booster pack, I’m going to start with the following formula:

(2R + 1M) / 80

That isn’t enough of a picture though. In fairness, $0.50-$1 bulk rares don’t really amount to "real" value if you’re looking to trade with other players. So I’m omitting the value of any rare that is below $2 (rounded from $1.99) and any mythic that is below $4 (rounded from $3.99).

31 out of the 35 rares have been spoiled. Aegis of the Gods is added to this list!

Aegis of the Gods: $3
Dictate of Kruphix: $3
Eidolon of Blossoms: $3
Eidolon of the Great Revel: $5
Hydra Broodmaster: $2
Mana Confluence: $20
Master of the Feast: $3
Temple of Epiphany: $6
Temple of Malady: $6

Total Rare Value: $51

All ten mythics have been spoiled. Nine of them are above the $4 bulk mythic threshold.

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes: $30
Athreos, God of Passage: $30
Godsend: $15
Iroas, God of Victory: $20
Keranos, God of Storms: $20
Kruphix, God of Horizons: $12
Pharika, God of Affliction: $10
Prophetic Flamespeaker: $5
Sage of Hours: $6

Total Mythic Value: $148

So plugging this into the formula, we get the following:

(2R ($51) + 1M ($148) = $250

$250/80 = $3.05 value per pack or $112.50 per box

There are four rares left to spoil, so between those rares and the foil cards you’ll crack in a box, Journey into Nyx looks like a good value compared to the last few small sets (Dragon’s Maze, Born of the Gods, Dark Ascension).

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