Daily Financial Value Of Battle For Zendikar: September 16th!

Battle for Zendikar’s insane mechanics and alien concepts continue to surprise the Magic world! So how do you determine the value of such a bizarre set? Easy! You go to Ben Bleiweiss for another installment of his Daily Financial value series!

Welcome back to the Financial Value of Battle for Zendikar! The entire set is going to be spoiled within two days, but until then, we still have a
steady stream of new spoilers coming in! Currently there are 49 out of the 53 rares in Battle for Zendikar spoiled, and 13 of the 15 mythics.
Let’s look at the new rares/mythics spoiled since yesterday, and then look at the pack value of this set.

Bulk rare. I don’t understand why this doesn’t give itself a bonus – because even if it did, it’d still be a 3/4 for six mana. The most bulk bulk rare in
this set so far, but you can read about ways to use it in Matt Higgs’ preview article today.

New Drana is eminently playable. First, you end up with a body that is reminiscent of Vampire Nighthawk. Then, you make Drana an Ally and a Vampire (both
of which are relevant in certain decks). Lastly, you make it so that it’s a living Crusade-maker in a way that matters. The design on this card is actually
quite amazing, and I’m surprised this design space hasn’t been explored much (first strike creatures that give bonuses to your other attacking creatures
when they hit). Special bonus – Drana also pumps herself, so while you don’t get the extra point of damage from Drana herself that combat, she does get
bigger for the next time around.

If there’s any sort of aggressive deck that incorporates black in the new Standard, Drana is going to be an auto-include. I’m starting Drana at $10, but I
wouldn’t be surprised to see it go as high as $20 before release. It will likely drop after release when supply catches up to demand, but I think Drana
hits four important cross-sections:

1) Casual Players

2) Standard & Modern Players

3) Vampire tribal decks

4) Ally tribal decks

Scatter to the Winds (Rare)


Counter target spell. Awaken 4UU.

[Official card image not yet available.-Ed.]

Cancel with a strict upside. While Cancel isn’t a universally played card in any given Standard format, the ability to kick this for and extra three mana
to make a 3/3 creature is almost exactly what a control-based deck would want to do. In essence, this is Stalking Stones + Cancel, and Stalking
Stones-style cards have always popped up in control decks. Playable, so it should stay above bulk price – but not spectacular, so it should stay in the
$2-$3 range.

Value of a Booster Pack

As stated in a previous article, I like to calculate the value of an average booster pack using the following formula:

(2R + 1M)/121

This is because there are typically 121 cards on a rare print sheet: two copies of each rare (53 rares) and one copy of each mythic (15 mythics) for a
total of 121 cards. So any given pack in this sequence of 121 cards on a sheet will have an average value determined by the formula above.

I then throw out all of the lower-dollar cards since a bulk rare isn’t going to generally contribute to the actual value of a pack. For this series: I’m
counting rares that are currently $3+ and mythics that are currently $5+

Rares $3+

Ally Encampment: $3

Brutal Expulsion: $3

Canopy Vista: $10

Cinder Glade: $10

Endless One: $4

From Beyond: $3

Lumberig Falls: $5

Prairie Stream: $10

Ruinous Path: $5

Scatter to the Winds: $3

Shambling Vent: $5

Smoldering Marsh: $8

Sunken Hollow: $10

Woodland Wanderer: $4

Zada, Hedron Grinder: $4

TOTAL: $87

Mythics $5+

Dragonmaster Outcast: $5

Drana, Liberator of Malakir: $10

Gideon, Ally of Zendikar: $25

Greenwarden of Murasa: $8

Kiora, Master of the Depths: $20

Ob Nixilis Reignited: $20

Oblivion Sower: $5

Omnath, Locus of Rage: $6

Quarantine Field: $5

ULamog, the Ceaseless Hunger: $10

Undergrowth Champion: $10

Void Winnower: $5

Total: $129

2R = $174

1M = $129

TOTAL: $303

$303/121 = $2.50 per pack.

So before we factor in Zendikar Expeditions and basic lands, we’re looking at a value of $2.50 per pack, or $90 per box. I’d discussed this previously, but
the Expeditions and basics add about $1 value per pack, putting the value of singles right now at $3.50 per pack, or $126 per box.

See you all tomorrow to discuss at least one more mythic and hopefully other rares from the set! (There should be one more creature-land left to spoil!)