Daily Digest: You Gotta Pay The Toll

It’s a good sign when GerryT has to look up cards in order to figure out what your deck is doing. That’s the case here with MADKAT’s beast build. Try it at #SCGNJ or #SCGINDY’s $5,000 Premier IQ if you dare!

Occasionally a deck pops where I have to stop and try to figure out what it does. This is clearly one of those decks.

I mean, War’s Toll? Who even remembered that was a card?

This deck has a lot of hateful cards for popular Modern strategies such as Defense Grid and Chalice of the Void. While those aren’t enchantments, they seem
like a necessary evil if you want to win with your slow, enchantment-based control deck. Leyline of Sanctity also seems very good at fighting discard and
getting free wins against combo decks in game 1.

Ghostly Prison and Sphere of Safety are great against Splinter Twin and do good work holding down the fort against everyone else. Runed Halo and Supreme
Verdict clean up while Luminarch Ascension and Sigil of the Empty Throne provide the win condition. If games go long, Enduring Ideal should be the nail in
the coffin. Meanwhile, there’s always the threat of Zur, the Enchanter looming.

With Aura of Silence in the sideboard, you even have a leg-up in the mirror match!