Daily Digest: When You Play This Deck, Everything Is (Over) Easy

In today’s Daily Digest, Gerry looks at a new take on the old Eggs archetype, using Krark-Clan Ironworks to put a new engine in a deck so good they had to ban a card out of it.

Two Daily Events, and two undefeated records for different players playing different versions of “Eggs.” That’s no coincidence, and I think it’s time people started playing graveyard hate.

Both of these decks set up the same way, by playing some one-casting-cost artifacts that cantrip (AKA eggs), and either turn those into mana with Krark-Clan Ironworks in order to cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, or to draw a bunch of cards in one turn with Open the Vaults or Faith’s Reward. There isn’t really a default best line to take in any given scenario. Instead, the game-plan is generally “make some mana, draw some cards, and see what happens.”

TimeSieve uses the Urzatron manabase, which is what some Japanese players have been using, but Spokes opted for the more traditional Eggs manabase with Ghost Quarters, which are very useful when you’re going off with Faith’s Reward. Darksteel Citadel continues to be the best way to turn on Mox Opal, which both decks use in order to cast Krark-Clan Ironworks on a reasonable timetable.

Both of their sideboards contain counterspell hate since both decks are trying to resolve some expensive spells, which isn’t easy in a field full of Remands. Defense Grid seems like the best option since it’s cheap, an artifact, and makes all their counterspells equally bad. Both of them also have some hate for Burn, which is somewhat telling. Although Burn is mostly a turn-four deck, it can sometimes kill on turn three. Since Eggs is very similar, something to break serve is required if you want to have a chance at winning the match. Leonin Elder is particularly awesome.

I don’t think this deck is going to take over Modern, but it’s a fun alternative. With the limited amount of graveyard hate out there, it’s not uncommon for decks like these to pop up every once in a while to keep people honest.