Daily Digest: We In The Mud

Tron is a powerful strategy, but it can be inconsistent. How long before someone tweaks it to be more reliable? GerryT thinks it may have already happened, and it could be a factor at #SCGWOR’s $5,000 Modern Premier IQ!

G/R Tron is one of the most feared decks in Modern, much like Amulet Bloom. Similarly to Amulet Bloom, Tron’s undoing is often its own inconsistencies. While this deck is less explosive more often, it looks like it’s slightly more consistent at doing its thing.

So why would we cut the ability to play Turn 3 Karn Liberated on the regular for a bunch of artifacts that wouldn’t see play otherwise? In the games where Tron might not be able to produce anything of relevance before Turn 4, this deck might be casting Chalice of the Void or Mind Stone into Lodestone Golem. In those cases, Mono-Brown might be favored in an otherwise unfavorable game.

Additionally, while hitting Tron early and keeping it is nice, this deck hardly loses when it doesn’t have Tron online. The same can’t exactly be said of its predecessor. People are going to be killing your lands after sideboard, and you should have a better plan than hoping they don’t have it.

I can’t see a reason for a Cavern of Souls to be excluded from the manabase. It’s quite good with Lodestone Golem and Wurmcoil Engine and will likely be more relevant than Encroaching Wastes. I do appreciate the basic Forest for Path to Exile and Ghost Quarter, although with Dismember in the sideboard, it should likely be a Swamp. The bluff factor is worth slim to none here.