Daily Digest: Wanna Be A Victim, Ready For Abduction

After Eye of Ugin took a whack from the Modern banhammer, Colorless Eldrazi seemingly vanished from the format. Ross Merriam takes a look at a new IQ decklist with considerable promise for SCG Indianapolis!

SCG Indianapolis February 25-26

The traditional first anniversary gift is paper. We live in a digital world, though, so I hope words on a screen will count.

I don’t know about you, but it seems like it’s been forever since we were decrying the state of Modern as being run over by a race of renegade aliens hellbent on destroying everything we hold dear. Then Will Smith came to the rescue of all humanity and vanquished our enemies, once again establishing Humans as the dominant race on Earth and perhaps in the entire universe.

…wait, I think I’m getting Magic confused with Independence Day. It was Mark Rosewater that vanquished the aliens, armed with nothing but a little moxie and a trusty laser gun.

That’s still not right?! Whatever, there were some aliens, and now they’re gone. But it’s been long enough that we can feel nostalgic about them and try to bring the deck back in a neutered form.

This list is reminiscent of the list that Channel Fireball and Face to Face brought to Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch, putting an impressive three copies into the Top 8. Without Eye of Ugin, the most degenerate starts the deck had are no longer possible, but the acceleration of Eldrazi Temple and Simian Spirit Guide still gets your creatures onto the battlefield well ahead of schedule.

In addition, this list incorporates three copies of Gemstone Caverns, which I like a lot. The Eldrazi aren’t concerned with card advantage; they just want to smash face as quickly as possible, and you need some way to help compensate from the ban. Gemstone Caverns also helps accelerate out Chalice of the Void, which is your best disruption spell and significantly better on turn 1 than on turn 2.

Serum Powder is another way to help ensure your opening hand is explosive. At the Pro Tour, players were mulliganing very aggressively to ensure a strong opener, so any extra shots at it are appreciated. It’s not a good topdeck, but that’s a theme with this deck, and sometimes it will ramp you to Reality Smasher, which is nice.

To provide some resilience, you have the same package of creature-lands that the old list had, but also Eternal Scourge and Smuggler’s Copter. Both strong threats that help you power through removal, should you be in the unfortunate scenario of playing beyond turn 4.

I know the memories are still there, and for most of you they aren’t positive, but aliens are people too, so maybe we should give them another chance.

Scratch that. Aliens aren’t people. But it would be nice if we could get along, wouldn’t it?

SCG Indianapolis February 25-26