Daily Digest: Unearthing Some Technology

Monastery Mentor has been breaking out all across Modern in recent experiments, and it’s even found a home in Vintage as a powerful kill card. In today’s Daily Digest, Gerry looks at a deck trying to find it a good home in Legacy, where its spell-triggered token generation is particularly good with Cabal Therapy.

Some of the best decks have come from merging the ideas from two similar shells. A piece from one deck might be great, but might not reach its full potential until you find something else to do with it.

When Snapcaster Mage was printed, Unearth became a popular way to abuse it in Legacy for the first few weeks. As it turned out, that wasn’t strong enough to see play in everything, but I think we finally have a better shell! Granted, this deck only contains one Unearth, but that number could easily be higher. This may have been what we were waiting for.

Baleful Strix, Snapcaster Mage, and Monastery Mentor combo beautifully with Gitaxian Probe, Cabal Therapy, and Unearth. However, the combination of those cards largely amounts to a lot of durdling. Monastery Mentor kind of solves that, but Dig Through Time also does a ton of work. A lot of the time, you’ll drag the game out and put it into a topdeck war while you still have a spell or two left over. Sometimes, your opponent will topdeck a couple good spells in a row and suddenly you’re behind! With Dig Through Time, you might be able to chain card drawing spells together in order to stay ahead.

One card I’m surprised to see absent is Thought Scour. Snapcaster Mage appreciates having a wide variety of spells to choose from. Free Cabal Therapies are also nice. Dig Through Time clearly wants cards in the graveyard. If you decide to play Thought Scour, suddenly Unearth becomes more appealing.

I’m going to try and make it happen.